Broward County Candidates Out In Droves as Primary Nears

Judicial Candidates Ilene Lieberman, Olga Levine and Rhoda Sokoloff attending the “Awake Broward” forum with moderator Public Defender Howard Finklestein

With election day around the corner, many candidates are out in full force now, especially the Judicial candidates whose names have already been mailed out to absentee voters for the August 14 election.

There were two noteworthy events that were “must-be-seen events” for candidates in Broward County last week. The first was the South Broward Board of Realtors “Meet the Candidates” night at the Signature Grand in Davie.

This event attracted candidates from every race. Spotted were Republican candidates hoping to face off with Debbie Wasserman Schultz in November: Gineen Bresso, Ozzie deFaria and Karen Harrington.

Candidates running for Florida House were Elizabeth Eddy (REP) District 99, James Gleason (REP) District 97, Robin Behrman (DEM) District 104 and Louis Reinstein (DEM) District 98. School Board Candidates Robin Bartleman and Donna Korn who are running for two different At-Large seats were in attendance as well.

Candidate Terri-Ann Miller answers a question at the forum

Judicial candidates couldn’t stay long as they had to attend a forum at “Awake Broward” in Plantation.

Awake Broward is part of the statewide “Awake the State” a grassroots organization to urge state legislators to end the war on the middle class.

The Judicial forum was moderated by Public Defender Howard Finklestein and 14 Circuit and County Court candidates attended. Each candidate gave their opinions regarding the high incarceration rates of minorities, mental illness or disabilities (if they were affected by someone close to them), as well as transparency in the courtroom.

The candidates said which judge was their role model in Broward County Court and discussed their qualifications as well. Guests were able to mingle with them after the event and learn more about the candidates.

In attendance were:

Circuit Judge Group 19

Rothschild and Julie Shapiro Harris

Circuit Judge, Group 35

Michael Rocque and Dale Ross (Broward County Property Appraiser Lori Parrish filled in for Ross)

Circuit Judge Group 45

Julio Gonzalez, Oliver Parker and Rhoda Sokoloff

County Court Judge Group 5

Olga Levine

County Court Judge Group 6

Ilene Lieberman and Kathleen McHugh

County Court Judge Group 10

Roshawn Banks and Robert Diaz

County Court Judge Group 32

Melanie Golden and Terri-Ann Miller

Broward County residents will be able to vote for the candidate they feel is most qualified  on August 14.


Editor’s note:  Levine and Shapiro-Harris are currently one of our advertisers of this site.  You will find her listing under Local Businesses.  Lieberman’s campaign has contracted our parent company Talk Media Inc. for media work.

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  • Alex Bonato

    Help Save The USA from Debbie-Wasserman-Schultz!

    Vote GINEEN BRESSO for Congress!

    Watch the video! Join the wave! Vote, support, contribute now!



  • Michael Rigg

    Election (noun)  [ih-lek-shuhn] – where people you have not seen for 4 years turn up on your doorstep


    Congress Woman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, aka President Obama propaganda BIT BUll needs to move to Russia. She has no original thought. I watched her interview today on Face the Nation. The only person she has really helped is herself. Pleasae be aware that Debbie has off shore bank accounts. Just google away and you will find out. Her undying support for are present dictator Barry Soetoro (OBAMA’s real name.) has cost seniors their future social security, medicare, and most of the hard working Americans their retirement port folios. Please explain to me Mrs. Wasserman-Schultz how we can continue to pay our debt and provide for our seniors when in 2020 we will only have 2 people working for every retired person? With less than 53% of Americans paying Federal taxes. Show me the money Debbie. I suggest that everybody in the Congress and Senate give up their salary and forfiet their golden retirement package including their own special healthcare benefits for the betterment of this country. Put your money where your mouth is Congress Woman. Congress Woman Debbie Wasserman Schults has been President Dictator in power Mr. Barry Soetoro’s number one supporter. I ask seniors to ask themselves where is the money coming from to continue to keep social security and medicare alive? FYI Obama care and the misuse of taxes to the sum of 16 trillion gaurantees rationing of healthcare. The standard of healthcare in this country is medicare which is in the process of being degraded to a level of medicaid! THere is no responsible reporting just “talking points”. PS, Debbie will Still have her golden healthcare benefits even if she is shipped out of Washington the next election. Last but not least Medicare and Social Security are not entitlements. This undermines the reality that our government has used the funds for other pet projects. Imagine your boss spending your 401K. The boss would go to jail!

    Editor: Debbie Wasserman Schultz’ “offshore” account was a 401K which most Americans have. You can’t even compare it to Romney’s money which was in a cash savings account! Wasserman Schultz’s 401K fund had less than $15,000. Romney had up to $3 million in savings account.

    Your lies obscure the truth so all your arguments basically lack any credibility. I believe you are watching way too much Fox news.

  • christopher griffin

    Debbie wasserman schultz is a very incredible woman. I am a 26 yr old black man born and raised in a very prejudice and racist county that is broward. I can truly say ms. Wasserman gives me hope that some white people do care enough about humanity to join politics to make a fair and equal society opposed to increasing the gap of dispairity.Broward has little to celebrate but blacks and whites can truly hang their hat on the foundation ms wasserman has set regardless of who wins the race i hope future politicians in broward will give minorities the same respect attention and understanding as ms wasserman. I was falsely accused of a crime i did not commit and i sat unfairly in jail with no bond i read the papers everyday and they absolutely slandered her character i was under the impression she was corrupt and part of the status quo in whats keeping broward from advancing. I ultimately beat my cases no thanks to my prejudice former attorney kathleen mchugh who withdrew from my case. Need less to say i closely observed every program ms wasserman attended and i was blown away by her careful attention to detail not only in county government but on a national forum as well god will truly bless you ms wasserman i wish you all the luck and i pray you run for governor one day and lead this state out of the 60’s and into the future, you surely have my vote.