Broward Sheriff’s Candidate Has Large Fan Base in Pakistan

20,000 people in Pakistan now “Like” Scott Israel for Sheriff

One candidate for Broward County Sheriff just had a huge surge in new fans this week.

In Pakistan.

In just days, new “Likes” on Scott Israel’s Facebook page suddenly went up from 592 to 20,584. Coincidentally, Israel has also become the most popular candidate in Islamabad, Pakistan.


It’s not just his Facebook page that has suddenly gotten popular. Israel’s Twitter account has suddenly gained a lot of followers as well.  Israel is only following 297 people but over 100,000 people are now following him.

Looking a little closer there seemed to be something that many of his followers shared: Hundreds, if not thousands of his followers have the same amount of people they are following, yet they have no one following them.


I could have posted hundreds more of these mystery followers.

So how did Israel suddenly go from local candidate to having twice as many followers as say… David Letterman?

My guess is his social media marketing person had to go to foreign websites to buy “followers” and “likes.”

There are tons of them online.  Just Google “Buy Twitter followers” or “Buy Facebook Likes” and many companies are out there that will do just that.  Unfortunately, instead of earning fans the old fashioned way, Israel and his team let their egos get in the way, all while losing credibility in his campaign.

Not to be outdone, Al Lamberti’s campaign isn’t safe from funny things online either.   He had an ex-con who was arrested for strangling his wife managing his social media.  Everyday, hundreds of fans were fooled by what they believed were Lamberti’s reassuring affirmations of the day and having no clue that they were being deceived.

Both candidates seemed to have lost good judgement in the management of their campaigns in what seems like a never-ending election year.

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  • No Rogow

    Just curious, when you call out BS on a candidate (which in this case appears to be quite accurate) it is ok, but when Red Broward does it, then it is bullying? As a fellow “journalist” doesnt Red Broward have a First Amendment right? I rarely agree with Red Broward’s views as I dont agree with its Howard Stern type juvi humor, but they do have the right to say what they want, no?

    • I write equally about all candidates. Red Broward and his partner are paid “marksman” from candidates that want positive coverage. Read financials of the candidates that they are promoting. This is a fact.

      My articles, whether or not, you agree with them are based on facts, not a hatred towards someone. For instance, I write equally about Lamberti’s troubles in the campaign with his right hand man getting arrested, as well as the article above about Scott Israel. Do you see balance in Red Broward’s coverage?

      If I write an editorial piece, I classify it under “Views” as well.

      I do not cyber-stalk and harass people. Nor do I post distorted photos of people with their eyes photoshopped to make them look silly. I do not make fun of events blacks, Jews and women on a daily basis. These are tactics of a bully.

      Hope I’ve clarified this for you.


      • Freespeecherman

        Interesting that you will not even concede that Red Broward has the same First Amendment rights as you do. Both of you are columnists, you share your views, we the public can agree or tune out. I dont believe anyone was questioning how you comport yourself in your articles. By the names of your websites, Red Broward/Tamarac Talk, it is obvious on the surface what you two write about. Your site is about the comings and goings in your city. Red Broward clearly is supportive of all things Republican in Broward. As an avid Florida Gator, if I were to go on a page devoted to FSU football, I can be assured I would not be reading kind things about my beloved Gators. I agree they have the right to free speech, just as much as I have the right to not pay attention to what they say.

        I do disagree that while Red Brwoard does take to task elected officials who are black or who are Jewish, I would challenge you to show one or more articles where he makes fun of those electeds solely on their race or religion.

        • Let’s put it this way: I have my first amendment rights to write about anyone I want. But I don’t write about Red Broward on Tamarac Talk. That’s irrelevant and doesn’t really interest readers. Please point out where I have done so on here.

          Thank you for reading this website.