Cannoli Kitchen in Lauderhill is Now Closed



By: Sharon Aron Baron

First Scruby’s Barbecue and now Cannoli Kitchen.   What is happening around here?

Last week Cannoli Kitchen just catered my daughter’s party and delivered the most fantastic Italian food.  They never gave any indication that they would be closing.   Today, when driving by, I noticed that the sign was stripped off the building and when I called, recording stated they were closed and they have lost their lease.   They encouraged customers to visit their Boca location.  Boca?

I called the Boca store to find out more, but the manager said the stores were individually owned and she didn’t have any more information.

UPDATE:  Lauderhill Mayor Richard Kaplan has some answers and said, “We found out a little while ago that the lease was up and the Landlord has another tenant for the location.  So they did lose their lease, not that they wanted to close.  We are trying to work with Cannoli Kitchen to find them another location.”

Thanks for the update.  We hope you are successful and just a suggestion:  There’s an open space where Scruby’s used to be.

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  • lukecarlos

    Sounds like an opening Tamarac might exploit…

  • Mitch P

    The answer to “what is happening” is multi-faceted. First, a lot of people can cook. Not everyone can run a restaurant or be profitable running a restaurant.
    Second, to make it in the food service industry requires buying power as means of competing in a value-driven market. Not all independents and franchise owners have economies of scale on their side.
    Third, although industry numbers – perpetuated by the industry itself – are optimistic, fewer young people are chasing down restaurants. Later gen-xers, y’s and millennials are after quick, tasty meals that don’t cost alot – lunch and dinner. They also prefer “hang-outs”.
    Seniors still continue to crave the buffet that offers everything on the menu. Probably what has killed the industry most are copius bad restaurants with bad food and bad service that never had a chance in hell of competing in today’s marketplace.
    🙂 Mitch P

  • InTamarac

    Tamarac is a drive through community, meaning no one is going to drive TO Tamarac unless they live there. Tamarac is the epitome of bland and the administration seems to want to keep it that way. Also the city demographics w/n support interest from major retailers. Heck, we c/n even keep Big Lots here! They moved up the road to Coral Springs where all that drive-trough traffic is headed. Admit it, even if you live in Tamarac you drive to Coral Springs if you want to go shopping.

    • stewindist2

      Every word of the InTamarac post is depressingly accurate. This IS where and how an aggressive and dynamic administration could & should support/nurture commerce in our city.

  • kahuna

    There has been a lot of work going on at the old Beverly Hills Café location. Does anyone know what is going in there?

    • InTamarac

      In reality, there’s nothing going on there. There have been several Restaurant Opening Soon signs that have come and gone since Beverly Hills Café closed but nothing has actually happened. It’s much like the old Diamante Restaurant space that’s had a series of short-lived restaurants in it. The area demographics will support all-you-can-eat buffets, and fast food and Denny’s is considered fine dining and even IHOP left and I wonder how long Chedders and Applebees will last. That’s the facts folks, sad but true.

      • kahuna

        Since Beverly Hills left there was Angela’s Cafe, and recently Johnny’s. To say nothing has opened since Beverly is not a fact. IHOP is still there also.

      • kahuna

        Lola’s Is going into that space. The menu was posted on the door. Looks like a variety of food like Beverly Hills had.

  • thecomputergenius

    I live in Tamarac. this was the best pizza place around here. Yes Tamarac is a bland place that doesn’t attract much, but for me it was nice to have pizza that was actually good. I just came back from Tennessee. I was away for three months. I am deeply saddened.

  • leblancw

    So Scruby’s is closed ????