Channel 10: Tamarac ‘can’t take a joke,’ Threatens Publisher

Video From Channel 10 News:

Sharon Aron Baron said she writes a lot of serious articles about Tamarac, but occasionally she delves into humor. She runs the hyperlocal news site Tamarac Talk.  After she published a graphic that satirized the special perks that Mayor Harry Dressler receives, the city used taxpayer’s resources to threaten her.

“You get preferential parking at every event. You get a special VIP tent at every event with food and drinks,” she said. “I was comparing him to a king.”

But the city apparently didn’t find it funny. They sent Baron a cease and desist letter threatening to sue her for using the city’s logo without permission. But Baron isn’t taking it down and she has hired a lawyer to fight the city.  Read more

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Sharon Aron Baron is the Editor of Talk Media and writer for Tamarac Talk and Coral Springs Talk. Tamarac Talk was created in 2010 to provide News, Views and Entertainment for the residents of Tamarac and to give resident’s a forum. We are not affiliated with the City of Tamarac. That’s why this site can be occasionally opinionated and obviously open.


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  • Mitch Pellecchia

    A conundrum that Baron accuses the city of spending taxpayer dollars on a cease and desist letter against her publication – along with potential court costs in a lawsuit. At the same time the publisher has voiced a will to fight actions, which in essence will claim the same taxpayer dollars if she wins a lawsuit. Is the article in question humor, libel, parody, first amendment rights or otherwise? We at maintain that local governments have no claims to copyright or trademarks with the exception of a bona fide City Seal, which typically is used as a city stamp for official documents. Baron is a blogger, and she can say anything she wants outside of hate speech or what is now a wide net cast on ‘terrorism speech’. We in the First Amendment realm know that much. Unfortunately, the same Social Media channel that Baron relies on to get her message out is the same Social Media cities use to disseminate propaganda. If the City of Tamarac wants to persecute/prosecute Baron and her Tamarac Talk, then city officials should at the same time give thanks to the hyperlocal publications for informing readers on city issues they otherwise wouldn’t know about. – Mitch Pellecchia, Editor

  • gerald heller

    Mayor Dressler, Poking fun at a politician is not worthy of a cease and desist city financed legal action. I am running for mayor in 2018 and if and when I win the election I would appreciate the critism and definitely the good humor that accompanies the coomentary. Lighten up Harry.

  • commenter8

    The influential technology blog TechDirt has written about this case here:

    Insightful commenter TechDecartes makes this very helpful observation:

    [Tamarac Deputy City Attorney] Ms. Khlar cites … Fla. Stat. § 495.131, regarding infringement of state-registered trademarks. While the City surprisingly has a Florida trademark registration on this logo, both the City and the state apparently overlooked Fla. Stat. § 495.121[(1)(c)], which prohibits registering any mark that “[c]onsists of or comprises the flag or coat of arms or other insignia of the United States, or of any state or municipality, or of any foreign nation, or any simulation thereof.”