Charter School Has Many Hurdles: Kings Point Being One

By: Sharon Aron Baron

The Tamarac City manager was met with hundreds of protesting seniors from Kings Point Friday at a meeting regarding the proposed charter middle and high school attracting media coverage from Channel 10 and the Sun Sentinel.

Residents let City Manager Michael Cernech know they were angry that plans for the new charter school called Doral Academy were put forward. However, Cernech insisted that it was not a “done deal” and they were only in the preliminary stages.

“There are still many hurdles to go through,” said Cernech. “Like a contract to negotiate, a lease to negotiate, a whole host of things before I can make a recommendation before the city commission can consider this.”

The meeting didn’t get any easier for Cernech as tempers flared when questions were open to the residents. Residents said that a new school was not wanted or even needed next to a senior community and would bring in more traffic to an already busy area.

At the end of the meeting, one neighborhood president told Cernach, ”You mentioned that you would have hurdles. This is your biggest hurdle.”

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Sharon Aron Baron

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  • Yoflyboys

    According to the Sunday Sentinel, Diane Glasser Lives in Kings Point area. Hummmmmmm, maybe a few picket signs would be appproiate.

  • Steve

    If it’s not a done deal then why is the city going to go through hurdles and wasting money doing research for a school that’s not wanted or needed. Aren’t some of the area schools already under enrolled? Cernech is just trying to shove another unwanted project in at the people of Tamarac so he can put it on his resume.

  • john

    The area is changing to a younger population. We should be part of the future and develop good future leaders. Change is a part of life one should accept.After the older population has gone they are going to be our future like it or not. Your grandchild may even go to that school

  • english speaker

    John, unfortunately you like the Sun-Sentinel and others are missing our point. We are not protesting the school. We are PROTESTING.the location.

    We love kids and love having the Tamarac Sports Center in our midst.

    To destroy the park to make way for a school makes no sense. This school is not even dedicated to Tamarac kids but kids from all over Broward County. Especially where many of the schools in this area are underused now.

    I have never seen a police car sitting outside the Sports center for any criminal activities. The kids act like adults. The center is also used at night by many adults as the center is fully lighted. This is the only sports center in Western Tamarac and it is loaded with players both night and day.

    Hope you now understand why us seniors are so upset. Not that the school should or should not be built but rather that the location be changed.