City Scraps Plans for Charter School

Informational meeting held at Kings Point where residents protested proposed charter school near their community.

Informational meeting held at Kings Point where residents protested proposed charter school near their community.

By: Sharon Aron Baron

June 3 isn’t exactly a holiday, but there will be plenty of residents celebrating after finding out the proposal for the future charter school was scrapped by the City of Tamarac.

“The issue of primary concern was providing geographic preference to Tamarac residents,” said Public Information Officer Elise Boston. “While Doral Academy assured us this was doable, because we were in a groundbreaking situation we felt strongly that this issue needed to be clear in state statutes.”

Tamarac Talk brought this fact up early on – that unless Doral was able to change state law, or unless the City were to hold the charter, then Tamarac residents would not get first choice at seats.

Boston said that when the House adjourned early,  all pending bills died. “For this reason, negotiations with Doral Academy have been terminated at this time.”

Len Ronik, President of Kings Point, told Tamarac Talk that he figured that scrapping the plans was a way for the City to save face.  “In the end, we would be victorious and they wouldn’t.” He said that if the school would have been built, the residents of Kings Point would have “tied them up for 30 years” with litigation.

The proposed Doral Academy Preparatory School would have been built on seven acres of public space in the Sports Complex, but first they would have been responsible for moving the skate park, basketball and tennis courts to their new location.

The whole idea of the charter school proposal started mysteriously in January 2014 as item number seven on a City workshop agenda – however it wasn’t even on the agenda. The City never even informed the residents who would have benefited, or been affected, by a new school. Nor did they offer a community meeting before an RFP was issued.  There was also secrecy to the media of any updates between the school and the City. Even the mayor wasn’t being truthful when he told his constituents he couldn’t legally discuss the issue with them.

Ronik is just thankful it’s over and residents can go on enjoying their lives without all of the stress in their backyards.

“Our residents will be overjoyed when they find out because they didn’t need this type of tension,” he said. “This was a school that belonged in Parkland.  They had the wrong City.”

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  • Norman Zagorsky

    Thanks to you Sharon and Len Ronik president of Kings Point for all the heavy lifting on Doral Academy. This was a bad, nasty, undercover deal from the start.

    A word to the city fathers regarding this matter. If you hope to bring this up again, I guarantee you that we, the residents of Kings Point, along with Sharon will not let you get ever get your toe in the door before we slam the door closed.

    I feel that my work along with many other Kings Point residents helped get this deal killed.

    I agree with Len Ronik that we would have tied this matter in litigation till the cows came home.

    Thanks again.

    Norman Zagorsky Kings Point resident

  • kahuna

    Just remember at election time how they tried to shove this down your throats with no regard as to how you felt. It’s their intent and secrecy that was a an insult to the public they are supposed to serve.
    Makes you wonder what the mayor, commissioners, and the city manager have up their sleeves next!

    • jsb

      This is what our Liar in Chief did with Obama care and the Nuclear Deal with Iran.

  • Joe Morguess

    Thanks Tamarac Talk for keeping this issue in the public eye with no let up. Thanks and Congrats to Len Ronik and a United Kings Point for surprising and awakening the city to the passion we all felt against this project while Tamarac showed little concern for our quality of life, nor much interest in our opinions about the chosen location for Doral. Maybe we can now ask and hear from the commissioners what their views on it had been all along, whether they all thought it was about business only, with no weight given to what the district 3 residents felt or wanted.

    Am proud to be a Kings Pointer, now more than ever.

    • Epstein

      Now that the dust has settled, a word to the wise to the City Commissioners and Mayor Dressler: the end of your political tenure in office is swiftly approaching. The citizens of Tamarac will be putting an end to your secret society.
      Thanks to Tamarac Talk for keeping this in the news for the past many months. Also thanks to N Zagorsky, j. Morgues and L. Ronik for working hard to support the wishes of residents of KPIT.