City Singled Out for Payment by Local Magazine



By: Sharon Aron Baron

Our Town News, the monthly magazine that is distributed to several Broward County cities, was giving other cities free ad space.

Except ours.

According to our city clerk, Tamarac was paying $500 for multiple insertions out of the city commission advertising budget for the “Mayors Message,” whereas the cities of Parkland and Coral Springs pay nothing, according to public records.

Pricey Mayor's Message in "Our Town News" (click to make larger)

Pricey Mayor’s Message in “Our Town News” (click to make larger)

I asked Editor-in-Chief of Our Town News Brian Weidenbacher, why our city was being charged for what other cities were getting for free. He said that John Brodie, who was the former general manager of Our Town News, “bartered” those deals. ¬†Weidenbacher added that Brodie was no longer with the company and was “let go.”

Our Town News is mailed to homeowners in Coral Springs and Parkland, but you won’t find them here, unless you pick one up at city hall or other outlets that may carry them. So it seems surprising that our city would pay for publication in a magazine when so few of our residents would see it.

Weidenbacher added that Our Town News would be expanding in the future, so hopefully, this publication will be mailed out to our residents as well.  Until then, our city should stop paying them for what others are getting for free.


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Sharon Aron Baron Sharon Aron Baron is the Editor of Talk Media and writer for Tamarac Talk and Coral Springs Talk. Tamarac Talk was created in 2010 to provide News, Views and Entertainment for the residents of Tamarac and to give resident's a forum. We are not affiliated with the City of Tamarac. That's why this site can be occasionally opinionated and obviously open.


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  • Mitch P

    It’s too bad that Weidenbacher first put the onus on his predecessor for the arrangement then unecessarily said Brodie was let go. These types of publishing arrangements are common among cities. Cities with businesses that buy more ads allow a publisher more freedom in what to charge government for content. Probably not a lot of advertisers in Tamarac. Hence, the $500 fee. Unfortunately, Our Town News and other feel good publications have held government tax money hostage with promises of good news and economic prosperity in their cities. Without government money, many of these print publications would fold tomorrow. Problematic is government using tax dollars to print self-serving propaganda – not real news – in a sense providing readers/residents/taxpayers with a false sense of security. Like everything is alright. For me, I don’t read them. Aside from barely informative advertorials they contain largely lifestyle fluff that can be found anywhere.

    • Mr. Redeem

      Will Our Town News reimburse the City of Tamarac the $500 if this was a mistake?

    • You can always help defray your costs (publishing, lawyers for DUI cases) by having local liquor stores advertise on your fishwrapper!

      Ain’t that the case Mitchy?

      • Jackie Oph

        Your right hand and a mirror Chaz should give you all the attention you need.

      • Jackie Oph

        All charges against “Mitchy” were dropped Chaz. Now move on.

  • Sasheer Maathai

    I agree with Mitch P… There are others cities who don’t pay for this ‘advertorial’ space and it’s time to stop blaming other people. A reimbursement is in order.


    The blame should go not only to the publisher, but to the Tamarac officials that paid for needless articles that aren’t even seen by our residents. Usually advertising fees are set by the amount of readership, so why would our city pay for something that has no distribution. Just more waste of our tax dollars by city officials.

  • Whitney Ailey

    this doesn’t sound right… someone has something to hide. who is Our Town News? never read it…

  • Me Redeem

    Can we find out how many times the City were supposed to be in the magazine and if Our Town will do something about it. I think there is more to this? What does this guy Brodie say?

  • Gefilte_Fish

    Follow the money. Someone is getting grease. A Tamarac official and/or Town news. Very easy and lawful way to funnel taxpayer cash in their pockets. Split the $500 evenly. Those Tamarac fools…hahahaha

  • Sorry Jackie… I mean Mitch.

    You were shitfaced, you hit a bicyclist, dragged the bike down the road. Only sheer luck kept you from killing that individual.

    Your charges were dropped because you spent 14 months dragging the case out. Most likely, you weren’t able to legally drive for 12 of those 14 months.

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  • T-1

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    • Mitch.

      For the safety of Sharon’s readers, will you kindly put on some clothes? As an extra feature, that will save you from cuts and scraps when your wife tosses you out of the house.

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