Developer Proposes New Homes in Woodmont Country Club

After several unsuccessful attempts, Woodmont Country Club in Tamarac is proposing building new homes on a portion of one of their golf courses

First, proposed in 2006, the original plan called for more than 600 condominiums on the Pines course which was rejected by the homeowners and city.

Mark Schmidt, owner of Woodmont Country Club, has now entered into an agreement with Zaveco Development, LLC, a residential developer and builder, to sell the property to them and Zaveco has submitted plans for only 152 single-family homes, a substantial reduction from the original concept as well as from the proposed 400+ town houses and single family homes contemplated by Schmidt in 2010.  Additionally, the new plan rebuilds 9 holes of the Pines golf course (which is currently closed) and provides a new clubhouse and amenity complex with guarantees of an ongoing operation for a 27 hole golf and country club.

The three and four bedrooms homes would be priced at $300,000.

Before preparing the plan for this development, the Zaveco Development team met with members of the Woodmont community to obtain their input, subsequently holding five separate public meetings to explain the proposed plan and how it would impact their community. After receiving input from the residents, the developer made several modifications to the plan to accommodate the residents’ concerns.

“Instead of what now are views of an unattractive open field, every one of the existing residences within our development area that previously viewed the Pines course will again be provided with premium views of golf, water and/or new private green belts, nature areas and open spaces, maintained by the golf course operation, and be fully buffered from the new development,” said marketing consultant Daniel Levitan who is working with the Zaveco team.

“We have filed for a land use amendment, not rezoning per se, and that involves approvals from not only the City of Tamarac but also Broward County and the State of Florida, a far more complex process than just a rezoning” said Levitan.

Tentatively, the first public hearing at the Tamarac plan commission has been scheduled for December 5th, but that date may change depending upon the city’s review with their consultants of the submission details.

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Sharon Aron Baron

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  • ValerieW1975

    The homes look very nice. I think Tamarac needs new homes and maybe more businesses will more in our city.

  • Dick Brown

    I think that the current owners of the Woodmont country club have done everything in their power to make the magnificent Woodmont Country Club and golf courses fail. I think they are unscrupulous developers that purchased the property with only one goal in mind, failure of the operation so they could develop the land. To think that as long as they are involved in any way that they would now run a successful country club and golf course operation we would be deluding ourselves.
    What happened to the Covenant that was originally made stating that the land could only be used for golf courses? This covenant supposedly was in perpetuity and to run with the land. Perpetuity we learned means 100 years. Now this Zebco is offering the same type of covenant. So, if the original covenant wasn’t honored why would the new one.
    Do these people really expect to have any credibility?

    • Richard Haas

      You are 100 percent correct Mr Brown Nothing but lies UNless the developer buys – out the current owner expect NOTHING

      • Longtime Member

        Shame on you too. You can’t name ONE “lie” but will simply slander good people for no reason. I challenge you to name one “lie”.

    • Longtime member

      You are completely wrong. I have been a member of Woodmont for many years. The club was completely bankrupt before the current owner bought the club. Since he bought Woodmont, Sable Palms and Monterrey failed and were sold to a developer, Woodlands was on the verge of bankruptcy before they were sold to a large national golf course operator and Colony West failed and was sold to the City of Tamarac for peanuts. So how can you blame the owner of Woodmont for actually being more successful than any other golf club in Tamarac over the past decade?

      Can you give ONE example of something that the owner of Woodmont did to make the operation fail? Just name one thing? Are you even a member? Have you even been a member during the past 10 years?

      If you have bothered to even play the course any time recently, you would see that the Cypress Course is in excellent condition. It is by the far the nicest golf course in Tamarac today and in far better shape than either Woodlands course or Colony West. If your complaint is the clubhouse, that is only because they are now a public golf course and do not use the club the way it was in the old days. It is a Golf Club now. Not a Country Club. And it is a fine Golf Club.

      I notice that you have nothing negative to say about the development plans, but only your misguided distrust of the owners??? So I guess you agree with everyone else that the plans themselves are actually very nice and good for the overall Woodmont Community and the City?

      You have no credibility and you are slandering good people who have worked very hard to make Woodmont once again the wonderful club it was 30 years ago.

      Shame on you.

  • Concerned Woodmont Resident

    Leave our golf courses alone!

  • Tamaracboy

    As long as everyone realizes that the “Public Meetings” are just a Smoke Screen. Neither the developers nor the HOA have any intention or interest in doing ANYTHING based on these hollow bones tossed at the residents.