Family Desperately Searching for Missing Coral Springs Girl

Madison "Maddie" Bales

Madison “Maddie” Bales

By: Sharon Aron Baron

Madison Bales, age 17, has been missing from her Coral Springs home since Saturday night March 22.  “Maddie” is 5’9 “, 150 lbs, with brown shoulder-length hair and brown eyes. A $10,000 reward will be given for information that results in Maddie’s safe return.

The family requests your prayers for her safe return and privacy during this difficult time.  Further information will be released when available.  The Coral Springs Police Department is gathering evidence to determine her whereabouts.

If you have information, please contact Coral Springs Police at Detective Brian Koenig 954-344-1800



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  • ElRonbo

    And yet, there is no Amber Alert out (check the fdle site). Also, the picture in the poster looks a few years younger than the one at the top, as if they used one from when she was 14 or so. At 17, much more likely she took off against her parents’ wishes than that she was taken against her will (fortunately, since that’s obviously a much safer situation).

    • Kate

      I am sorry, but do you know her? There is an amber alert and they are posting more recent photos now. I know her and I know she has been through a rough time but she would have messaged family by now. Think before you speak.

      • ElRonbo

        I know how to check the FDLE web site, which lists every Amber Alert in the state of Florida. I know how to check the Polly Klaas foundation web site, which lists every one in the nation. The data is distributed electronically and updates within two or three minutes. Yes, I did think before I spoke,. I thought, “she’s 17”, and I thought of the many, many other cases of 16 and 17 year old girls running off with a boyfriend, and the family fears the worst. Frankly, you should hope I’m right. The odds say I am.

        • Chris

          Amber Alerts are only issued if they have direct evidence of someone being in clear and present danger. She is registered on the national center for missing children
          Let’s stop speculating on what could or could not be happening. Of course she could be safe but the Coral Springs Police Department are actively investigating. So let’s stop talking about whether or not she was having a rough time or not (which by the way there is no solid information and it doesn’t really matter, what teenager doesn’t have a rough time) and keep this girl and her family in our prayers.

        • Rachel
        • Chris

          Coral Springs has issued a statement. She is found on Please stop sharing anything you don’t actually know about. We know the family and we know they need help, regardless of the details. The only focus should be on finding her. Let’s keep our comments focused on that. I do hope you are right but let’s let the authorities do their work.

          • ElRonbo

            I had no idea my comments were impeding the authorities’ ability to look for her. Here I thought it was a free country and I could comment as I wished. When, say, statistically there’s a 99.9% chance it was not a stranger abduction (seriously, look at the stats on stranger abductions versus teens voluntarily taking off), and when I’m speculating on a positive outcome.
            Do you think *any* comment besides “ZOMG! Oh not, that little angel!” is going to somehow “jinx” the search?

      • JohnnyR

        No, there is no Amber Alert.

        And if the police were regarding this as a kidnapping, there would be substantial media coverage, and they’d put out a BOLO or a press release. I hope this young lady is okay, but there’s no evidence that authorities are investigating this as a potential crime. In this case, there’s been nothing more official than Facebook memes.

  • rorimandi

    Per her neighbor, she’s been found.

    • Mike

      Has she really been found? Is she ok? As a parent of a teen in Coral Springs I have been following as close as I can hoping for the best.

      • Mike

        Verified she has been found and is safe.