Governor Rick Scott Reinstates Tamarac Commissioner Atkins-Grad

Is “Team Tamarac” back?

The Sun Sentinel broke the news that Patte Atkins-Grad has been reinstated by Governor Rick Scott after being suspended for over two years after being accused on corruption charges.

At this time, Michelle Gomez who was appointed to serve in her place will have to step down.

Now Atkins-Grad can receive compensation for back pay including salary, car allowance as well as having her legal fees reimbursed.

At this time, several homeowners in her district are initiating plans for a recall effort.  More information as I learn more.

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  • What about an old school MTV style “celebrity death match” — a fight between old lady #1 (Patti) vs. old lady #2 (Patte).

    Sponsored, of course, by Micki’s Malt Liquor.

  • Rain

    What a joke….so let me get this straight if you play stupid you can get away with a crime ? Not only that you get to keep the bribery money and then you get reinstated. I guess government officials in Tamarac can have their cake and eat it too. These elected officials are crooks. The citizens of Tamarac deserve better than this. I bet the average citizen who gets arrested and plays dumb wouldn’t have a chance of getting off. Have some class and respect or the citizens of Tamarac all you corrupt officials and step down……you got away with it now do us a favor and say bye bye and be gone.

  • Kahuna

    It’s embarassing to live in this city. I don’t think any of the commissioners have any brains. Not only should Patte have been banned from politics, the vote to approve the land deal should have been invalidated.