Groundbreaking Ceremony Held for New “Mainlands Park” in Tamarac

Groundbreaking of new Mainlands park. From left: Parks and Rec Director Greg Warner, Assist City Manager Diane Phillips, Commissioner Pam Bushnell, Mayor Beth Talabisco, Mainlands Section 3 Resident Bill Villela and Patte Atkins-Grad

By: Sharon Aron Baron

Last Friday, the groundbreaking ceremony was held for the new Mainlands Park and attended by residents in the Mainlands Sections 3 and 4 subdivisions in Tamarac.

District 1 Commissioner Pamela Bushnell addresses Mainlands residents

The project site is located on a vacant 23-acre lot, which was previously part of the 48-acre Monterey Golf Club located east of the Turnpike off of Monterey Drive.

Once owned by father and son developer’s Bruce and Shawn Chait, the land for the park was offered as an incentive to the City of Tamarac in order to get their land deal through.  The land is currently owned by LDC Monterey Ventures LLC.

The City of Tamarac held two neighborhood meetings with Mainlands residents back in 2011 and discussed what type of amenities they would like the park to have.

The proposed amenities include:

  • A concrete multi-use trail located along the perimeter of the park
  • Six ADA accessible drinking fountains throughout park site
  • Six shaded benches with trash receptacles
  • Twelve fitness stations
  • One nature kiosk
  • One fishing pier/ observation platform
  • Eight covered picnic tables with trash receptacle (two tables ADA accessible)
  • One energy fitness station. Centralized fitness area consisting of a minimum of five pieces of equipment
  • Landscaping and irrigation
  • One restroom facility with security cameras, one ADA water fountain and one standard water fountain
  • One parking lot – approximately 17 spaces

The project’s budget is $1,200,000 which includes a $200,000 from the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) grand and $248,000 from the Recreational Trails Program (RTP).

After the groundbreaking, hotdogs, popcorn and the 1963 movie “Charade” was featured in the park.

The start of construction is estimated to begin in the late spring with completion in the spring of 2014.

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  • Mainlandswoman

    The residents of Tamarac district 2 are signing a petition to recall Patte Atkins-Grad from the commission. They feel..and rightly so..duped and deceived by their representative.

    Yet, the residents of Tamarac district 1 and in particular those of us who live in the Mainlands 4 and 5 are the ones who have been “thrown under the bus” by Commissioner Atkins-Grad and those who served on the commission with her at the time. They voted for a housing development to be built in the middle of our over 55 community. The citizens were against this development from the beginning. Yet our elected officials choose the developer..and for profit..not for the benefit of their constituents.

    At the last commission meeting, our city manager said he was sorry the city did not buy the Monterrey Golf course when this mess first started.

    Well, lets turn back the clock before the first shovel hits the dirt. Buy the property now. The city bought the synagogue..surely they can buy the vacant in the land meant to be Tamarac Village. That property out west..near schools with ingress and egress onto Commercial Blvd. is more suitable for development.

    I also propose a challenge for this commission and city officials, Drive to the proposed area of development on Tuesday night about 9PM up NW 47 Terr. narrow street..parking on both sides 24-7 with no sidewalks..then turn up Monterrey Drive..and navigate around the folks leaving bingo getting into their cars walking home with canes and walkers. See how dangerous this will be when all the residents of the new development come in and out of the entrance located across from the new park.

    Do something before it is too late. Your constituents..those of us who voted you into office..want this housing development stopped.

    • Rick

      He who fights against progress is the architecht of decay. Development is good for the community, times have changed. Moveon.

      • BringOldTamaracBack

        Yes, times have changed….without common sense.