Judge Dismisses all Charges Against Tamarac Mayor Beth Flansbaum-Talabisco

Mayor Beth Flansbaum-Talabisco will soon be back.  As reported in the Sun-Sentinel today, Judge Imperato dismissed all criminal charges against her and ruled that there was no evidence that she received any personal benefit from the Chaits, a controversial father and son team of developers.

Those that didn’t know the facts about the case assumed she was guilty based on the testimony of the Chaits who were able to avoid jail time in exchange for their testimony against many Broward politicians.


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  • woody72

    It’s simple, this corrupt judge needs to get money from the same corrupt crowd that got her elected.

    I believe that anyone who takes the time to read the sworn testimony will know how guilty she is.

    • Mainetiques

      The article says “she’ll be back soon” thats a Scary thought for Tamarac! Well at least We have the satisfaction that her lawyer did not work for free and she had to fork over lots of cash $$$….It will take awhile to pay those legal fees…Honey

      • Han Solo

        What you should know is that because she was cleared of baseless charges we, the good citizens of Tamarac, will have the luxury of paying her lawyers fees. Before you get all high, mighty, and vindictive know the facts. State law protects elected officials from malicious prosecution. What you should be upset about is the States Attorney wasting all the taxes we pay, first on his own case which was dismissed by the Judge and now on her defense which we are also going to pay for. The un Sentinel quoted Mae Schreiber saying the dismissalstinks, yet she and old Mayor Joe went to Isreal on the Chaits nickel, someone explain that, no charges filed. Stop reveling in the fact this will cost us taxpayers a small fortune when this is over.

  • wickedpssa
      She must live in section 5 (Woodlands)