Kiar Mailer to Broward County Democrats is an Attention Getter


Martin David Kiar, who is a candidate for Broward County Commission District 1, sent out this glossy four-page mailer today to all registered Democrats today which will surely get attention.

Pictured on the front are six Republicans shown in the most unflattering photos that could have ever been taken of them.

If you’ve had enough of the the right wing scary bunch attacking our values….We have a better choice! Act today and help get Martin David Kiar on the ballot for county Commissioner.     – Martin David Kiar.

Elected in 2006, Kiar is currently a State Representative in Tallahassee.  I believe Kiar will make a great Commissioner for District 1, which encompasses parts of Tamarac, Lauderhill, Plantation, Sunrise, Weston and parts of Davie.  However, I’m not a big believer in these provocative ads and I also don’t see how the “scary bunch” will translate into Broward politics.

The mailer isn’t all just for show because inside, Kiar is asking Democrats to sign his candidate petition and mail it like it is a postcard.  All postage paid.  Very easy and convenient for the voters.  It even has names, addresses and voter registration numbers filled out for the residents, all they have to do is sign it and drop it in the mailbox.  Kiar can expect a lot of petitions back from this.

Keep your eyes out for more interesting items in your mailbox soon.  This will be a very busy election year.

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  • Local Voter

    So this from the guy who claims to work for ALL OF THE PEOPLE? He says that he needs our help to fight the Republicans in Broward. Isn’t that pretty much LaMarca and Lamberti? Here I thought they were both doing a great job, even though they’re Republicans.
    This is disappointing news about Kiar.

  • Richard J Kaplan

    Actually I thought it was brilliant in several ways. First it got his name out positively using as backdrop some Republican figures that are not well received in this district.

    Second, he is gathering petitions to place his name on the ballot without paying the filing fee.

    Third, he is gathering names of real democratic voters who are likely to vote in December. And, since they are responsive to his card, could likely be responsive to voting for him.

    Finally, it sends a message to anyone running against him that the race has started, and he is able to be aggressive in getting out there so that he is a serious candidate.

  • woody72

    Mr. Kiar is right about Republicans on the state and federal level. But the Democratic party is head and shoulders above them when it comes to corruption in Broward County.

  • Cesar

    Hilarious! Great idea for a Republican to use in similar fashion fotos of Obama, Karl Marx, Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro, Nancy Pelosi and other hardline Commie leftists. He could also run on the theme of “civility” and “hope and change”!

    • Apples V. Oranges

      @Cesar – that’s actually not a fair comparison. This mail piece has only American figures. If you wanted to include international right wingers that might appeal to tea baggers, you would include Hitler, Mussolini, bin Laden, Ahmadinejad, etc.

  • Tupelo Honey

    @Kaplan- the election is in August not December.

    With what Kiar spent on this mailer he could have saved himself from this embarrasing mailer that says nothing about his experience or platform on county issues. Then again that is what Mike Kaplan knows best, printing the same old negative ads that people grow weary of. Disappointed in you, Mr. Kiar, for attacking Republicans rather than attacking the corruption, waste, and abuse at the Broward County Commission.

  • Local Voter

    Mayor Kaplan, I thought you were in this race? By the way, the primary is in August and the the general is November. Nothing in December but Christmas and Hannukah!

    As for the other Kaplan (Mike), I can’t believe anyone would give him or Judy Stern a nickel for their campaigns. Their work is predictable and innefective. The world of politics has passed them by Marty. Wake up!

    • Richard J Kaplan

      I was in the race, but had to pull out. What happened is that I was involved in a business matter with a bank that prohibited me from running. When they were researching me, they found out about it. Otherwise I couldn’t do the deal with them, and I had to do the deal. I even signed something they required that I wouldn’t change my mind later and re-file to run for County Commission. Isn’t that interesting?

      As to putting out this piece. I am sure that Marty has quite a lot of funds to afford this, and as a veteran of 8 campaigns of my own, plus many others, I can tell you that this will definitely be worth it.

      I recognize the race is really in August which is only 4 months away, but it is the brilliance of this piece that will help in August. November won’t matter.

      Add to that his media (social and mainstream) campaign that he has structured, and his door to door campaign, he is doing everything he can to win it now.

      While I won’t predict what is going to go on in the next few months, anyone who knows this stuff could tell you what probably is about to happen. I’ll just keep it to myself.

      Also, my comments are only on the campaign strategy itself, and not as to my feelings about the candidate. I decided due to the Broward Ethics Law, until I get more information about what I can and can’t do, not to support or endorse anyone.

      PS If Mike Kaplan put this together (no relations to me, there isn’t a Mike in the family), I would like to meet him.