Local Margate Blogger Upsets Local Residents After Posting Gruesome Photo

Tamarac Talk has blocked the deceased body of the victim in this photo

Tamarac Talk has blocked the deceased victim’s body in this photo. Margate News did not

By: Sharon Aron Baron

A local blogger has upset readers after publishing a photo of their loved one after his decomposed body was pulled from a lake.

Margate News writer Mitchell Pellecchia wrote about the gruesome scene on Wednesday when police pulled a fully clothed adult male from Lemon Tree Lake in Margate. However, Pellecchia chose not to hide the photo of the deceased body. (Tamarac Talk photoshopped the victim out of the photo)

Readers soon discovered the unedited photo and wrote comments on his website:

“This was my soon to be father-in-laws brother and my fiance’s uncle.” wrote Ashley Sherman.

This is my baby brother and I would love to thank the scumbags for posting this picture of him …I just told his children their father passed away..now they can see thanks again …oh by the way it was not a suicide for the record.”

“This is my brother in law Rick. Richard Miller,” wrote Michelle Miller. “This just made this whole thing a hundred times worse to see that picture. Omg. Thank you for the comments that were kind and we are waiting to find out exactly what happened. This was my husbands brother who lived with us just last year and he is a father of 3 beautiful children whom are devastated as we all are. He was well loved. I am also outraged at this picture”

Police received a call from a resident who discovered the body floating face down in the lake at 8:20 am. The body was found to the rear of the 400 Block of Lakeside Drive South, Village on the Lake Condominiums.

The man has been since identified as Richard Andrew Miller, 40.  His death has been ruled a drowning and foul play is not suspected according to police.


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  • Phil

    After a day he pulled the article without apology, then posted an update outing the man’s recovering alcohol issues, boldy stating that they weren’t covered under the HIPPA laws as a further FU, and disabled comments for the article. That’s a douche move.

    • The defendant made a right hand turn out of the driveway of 550 N SR 7 without his headlights on. Pellecchia failed to yield to a bicyclist riding southbound on the sidewalk, and the front of his vehicle impacted with the bicyclist. Pellecchia continued to drive northbound with the bicycle under his vehicle.

      Sergeant Bart witnessed the bicyclist being thrown in the air and landing in the center thru lane on N SR7.

      The driver said, “Do you know who I am? I am Mitch from Margatenews.net”. I asked him where he was coming from. He stated “Home”. I told him that he just exited Burger King. He said, “Oh yeah, I was at Burger King”. I told him that his lights were not on. He said “Yes they were”. I told him that they were not on. He said “Let me check”. He checked his lights and stated “You are right, they are not on”. I then asked him if he drove into Burger King without his lights on assuming that he had used the drive-through window. He said, “No, I was shopping at Wal-Mart”.

      Pellecchia then asked me, “Is this a sting? I responded, “Meaning what?” He said, “Are the police watching that (mumbled words believed to have referred to the intersection)?”. I told him, no, that it was a coincidence that I was at that location.