New Park Planned for Tamarac

The new park in Tamarac highlighted in green

The good news is that Tamarac is building a park towards its east side; the bad news is that it won’t happen for at least five years.

I found out about this future park from a former city employee. I had no idea there were plans, or even land, for a park out east.  A city official has confirmed that there will be a park located north of Commercial Boulevard just west of the Turnpike.    This land is approximately 9 acres large and was dedicated to the City of Tamarac as part of the development approvals for Sabal Palm: Land that was formally part of the Sabal Palm Golf Course.

Unfortunately, construction of this yet unnamed park is not in the city’s five year Capital Improvement Program.  The city is hoping to create a community center in this park however, given the economy, this type of large scale investment is not advisable within the near future. There are also financial considerations after completion, as the park will need to be staffed and maintained.

The city will seek grants for the development of the park. The pursuit of grant funding is automatic when it comes to recreation and open space development.  This park could possibly be developed in less than five years depending on the funding it receives. Also, the exclusion from the Capital Improvement Plan may not be a deterrent because the budget is reviewed by the city commission every year.  If the surrounding communities show interest in this park, it may have a chance to get it funded and developed within 5 years.

Currently the proposed park is overrun with weeds and is surrounded by a construction fence for the proposed development surrounding it.

On another note,  there is good news for The Mainlands.  Included in the 2011 adopted budget is a new park with the development of 23 acres on the old Monterey Golf Course. It will be a passive park with multi-purpose pathways, sitting areas with shade, landscaping, parking facilities, restrooms and other amenities.

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  • Patti Lynn

    All of the “give-aways” from the Chaits to the City of Tamarac will require a lot of time. You can’t build a park until you have the neighborhood pretty much completed. There’s supposed to be another park on the south side, on the Monterey property. Then there’s the proposed fire station at Commercial & Rock Island…more land that the Chaits “gave” to the City. Everyone has been tarnished by the Sabal Palm/Monterey deals and those from Mainlands 3, 4, 5, 6, & 7 have really suffered. Hopefully, the City will chat with their homeowners’ associations prior to completing park plans. If anything can be done to mitigate their losses, that would be a credit on our City.

  • Jen