Park Closures: You’re Not Getting What You’re Paying For


By: Sharon Aron Baron

Tamarac Parks have been closed on Mondays since 2010 and get this: No other city in Broward closes their parks on Mondays! 

Here’s the kicker: According to the Broward Property Appraisers Office, our 2013 taxes in Tamarac at 7.28 percent are some of the highest in Broward County, yet our residents are not getting the full services that we are paying for!

Recently at a city commission meeting, after some pressure, the City Commission agreed to open parks up for school holidays that fall on a Monday during the year.


This plan is an insult, as families with children still will not have access to the parks over summer vacation! And anyone with a day off on a Monday or has a pet, cannot use any of our parks additional Mondays.  Why aren’t taxes reduced for this lower level of service we are getting?

Here’s the other kicker:  Tamarac is buying properties left and right to add to their Tamarac Village development. The most recent one was in September for $2 million. Sun Sentinel  Sadly, they can’t find the money to open up parks on Mondays.

Why are Tamarac residents accepting mediocrity as the norm? Have we been conditioned not to expect any better?

All it would take is a motion at a city commission meeting to open our parks.  So far our Mayor and Commissioners have not done this!

If you believe that our citizens deserve full access into our public parks seven days a week, then click here now to send a message to city hall and demand that they open our parks up, including our dog park.  Everyday.  Seven Days.  No excuses.


Ask them to please vote to open up our parks seven days a weeks at the October 23 City Commission meeting.  Your opinion counts.

It’s been three long years of being shortchanged and our citizens need to stand up now.  Send an email today.



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  • Gefilte_Fish

    Keep electing the same old bags every elections. What use to they have for parks. They have nothing in common with the young people in this city. Still waiting for the 100th Red light camera install.

    • Gefilte_Fish

      Having said that, the only recourse is to energize the younger residents of Tamarac to vote. Sadly, this will not happen. Then we will have a mixed commission that truly represents the city of Tamarac Resident. We know us Jews don’t want that sleeping giant awaken.