POLL: Barack Obama or Mitt Romney for President

The Presidential election is just around the corner.  Broward residents have already have receive their absentee ballots and are turning them in.  Many will wait until the polls open on November 6 to cast their ballots.   Results will be learned just hours later and tensions will certainly be high.

To get a feel for what people are thinking, we’ve created a poll.  Why not?  CBS, FOX and CNN have their polls.  There’s also the Washington Post-ABC poll.  Let’s not forget the Rasmusen, Gallup and the Quinnipiac polls.

Let’s see how people are voting around here.  Will our results match the results coming in from the major pollsters?  Will we be able to predict the winner in a few weeks? Take a shot and see who everyone is voting for.

This poll will not allow voters to vote twice.  Results cannot be altered by moderator. Thanks for your vote Tamarac residents.

About Sharon Aron Baron

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  • lerose55

    Do you realize Obama has borrowed more money than the last 43 Presidents combined in his 4 yrs? How can this be good? His policies are destroying, weakening & bankrupting America. This we cannot dispute, its happening. I am very afraid of the company Obama keeps Mr. Ayers, Malcom X and many others, it makes you wonder what they have in common. Obamacare is going to cost us more than we think w/20 added taxes, not so affortable and gov’t controlled they call that Socialism. So make sure you are voting on these candidates for all the right reasons on Nov. 6th.

    • Herman Pecker

      Lerose my friend, you are exactly the lying piece of crap (or a total moron, you tell me)
      that comprises the current GOP. By the way, that’s why you’ll lose this election. Here’s the deal, and pay close attention- the reason the debt is up is because this president put in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan started by your boy W, which W did not account for. If you back out those HUGE expenses, Obama hasn’t spent near what you’re railing on about. The spending under the current administration is reasonable and consistent with past administrations. Whatever you do, don’t let the actual facts confuse you.

    • Mike

      Lerose where were you when former president Bush too the surplus that President Clinton left him with and racked up the biggest deficit ever? Do you think things got bad in just the last 3 years? Oh no Bush destroyed the housing, allowed Wallstreet and through the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy 1%, a war he paid by credit card using the excuse about weapons of mass destruction, I could go on for a year.It took 8 yrs to destroy this country economically. So when you point fingers at any president make sure you point towards the right one, the one who got us into this mess. Why would we want to put the Republican party back into power, when they were the ones who got us into this mess?

  • Craig1947

    What is really scary? That people do not take the time to research the subject. If the ad on TV said it, then it must be true!!!!!!! Lazy, lazy, lazy.

  • Bob Wood

    Big, Big thank you to Sharon Baron for volenteering her time to register new voters. As a republican I really appriciate her giving me the new voter information. She said that Democrats vote on Nov. 6th and Republicans vote on Nov. 7th. Thanks again Sharon.

    • You are very welcome Bob! Don’t forget….Republicans vote Nov 7. LOL!