Tamarac Neighbor Tries to Stop Raccoon Pool Party

Raccoon #7 at the home of Paul Gagliardo

Far away from the wilderness lies a small neighborhood in the golf course community of Woodmont that is currently being invaded by a large family of raccoons.

Paul Gagliardo and his girlfriend Diana Berg have lived for the past year in The Hollows, a small community of around 43 homes at the edge of the golf course.  In March of this year, they noticed that animals were using their swimming pool as a toilet.  Paul spoke with his friend Robert Godek who owns Integrated Pest Control.   Thinking that it was only a lone raccoon, Robert lent him one of his traps to try to catch it.   He sprinkled dry cat food in the trap and not only caught his pool-pooper, but has caught 14 more raccoons and two possums.

It’s not just the raccoons that enjoy his pool, just this past month Paul has also caught turtles, tree frogs and a snake.  Paul humanely relocates the raccoons and possums to the edge of the Everglades.  He believes he has his own farm in his yard and says he may have to start charging admission when his friends visit.


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  • Jeanne

    We got heavy plastic netting at Home Depot, cut it into strips a bit over a foot wide and put it along the edges of the pool. When the raccoons started to step on it, it gave under their feet. They didn’t trust it and we haven’t had them in the pool since. You also have to be really careful to pick up any pet food that might not have been eaten.
    If you have dogs that are at all territorial, it’s a good idea to take them out on a leash during raccoon hour. We’ve had 3 fights, each one worse than before and a big vet bill last time. Not to mention the injury to the innocent raccoon.

  • I was just near the Hollows on Saturday at a friends over in the Estates and the raccoons are so bad she says, that they have busted into her screened-in area. She blocks the broken screen with a playhouse now! She has seen up to four raccoons inside. She thinks they all hang out at the golf maintenance room behind her home because they are feeding stray cats in there.

  • Check out today’s story in the Sun-Sentinel about a rabid raccoon in West Palm Beach.