Radio Host and Sheriff Lamberti’s Social Media Voice Arrested

William Lewis host of “The Credit Report with Bill Lewis”

William E Lewis host of “The Credit Report with Bill Lewis”on AM 740 WSBR in South Florida was arrested for domestic violence on Tuesday.

Lewis was charged for touch or strike/battery and domestic violence and tampering in misdemeanor proceedings for depriving his victim of 911.  He was released on $1,500 bond.

Lewis’ radio show discusses money issues as well as promotes conservative South Florida Republican candidates.

Besides his radio show, Lewis is also the hired social media “voice” of Sheriff Al Lamberti where he maintains Lamberti’s Facebook and Twitter page often posting as the Sheriff.  He also writes articles about credit repair that is distributed to various websites around the country.

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  • all that glitters…

    Another Lamberti crony breaking the law!

  • Gloria Creighton

    Here’s another example of the stellar characters associated with Sheriff Lamberti. Still,the most notable character is Scott Rothstein. Rothstein and his associates spent nearly $200,000 to elect Republican Lambertti Sheriff.
    During Lamberti’s tenure the convicted criminal used BSO deputies to harass Broward citizens. Not good.

  • Tom L.

    “Another Lamberti crony breaking the law!” I would dare say that we all break laws daily, it more a matter of who got caught. As for the Sheriff, is he supposed to say to people, you might break the law and get caught so I won’t talk/associate with you? The Sheriff has no control over what people who are associated with him might do, we all have our own freedoms in the US thankfully!


    Give this guy a break.I happen to know Bill very well.I do know he is a good man.Any person with any kind of life experience would understand that these things do unfortunately happen.And one man should not be put down due to one unfortunate situation.Sheriff Lamberti does the best job for this community.

  • Jim82

    Give the guy a break…you kidding???? What kind of good man lays a hand on his wife or whatever he did? It was so bad she had to call 911. You said that any person with any kind of life experience would undersstand that these things do unfortunately happen? Is this a joke? This never happened in my parents lives, or my life. I would never lay a hand on my wife. This isn’t an “unfortnate situation” there is no excuse for this.

  • Lisa Franz

    All I can say is WOW!!!!!

  • Taxed Enough Already

    sharon is happy to post this since bill lewis made her look bad on his radio show and because the doesn’t like al lamberti. i see that there is no detail regarding what actually transpired. all of you knee jerk reactionaries have no idea either. quick to blame when it’s anyone who doesn’t agree with your politics. you’re the same people who would defend the likes of anthony weiner.

    Editor: I know who you are and you are understandably upset about Bill. It hurts when it’s one of your own, doesnt it?

  • Jittery

    I guess if you start off every day with a quad-venti 6 shot espresso with extra whip and then finish off most days with bacardi drinks. you probably have the shakes and may want to smack your girl upside the head…..

  • Not Surprised

    I know Bill Lewis personally and the guy is a first class jerk. He thrives on hurting people, emotionally, verbally and now, apparently, physically.

  • Sam J

    So the guy was a contract vendor of the Sheriff’s and others and had a domestic event with an arrest. Welcome to life. What’s the big deal?

  • Sad

    So since we are starting to blame candidates for who support them, can we start talking about evan jenne’s (son of ken jenne) continued support of scott israel? Or the terminated and convicted (dui/battery) deputies campaigning for scott israel? Or is it only because he’s an R that you’re reporting this with vigor? Because a man who doesn’t pay for the welfare of his children is okay as long as he’s a democrat.

  • Face Value

    Just because someone has a paralegal degree from Kaplan University does not an attorney make. Bill Lewis goes around spewing legal jargon as if he were a lawyer. He is tall and bald, and … smarmy … and that is … well, that is really all ! Shame on any man who abuses anything or anyone … ever. Personally, I have heard him make many derogatory comments with regard to his wife, women in general, and anyone who is not him. If you do not love yourself, and you do not love your wife, make a divorce and pay to support the family you have fathered. (period.) Lay a hand on a woman and you are nothing for nothing, but a coward. End of story.