Tamarac Girl, 13, Has Been Found and Is Back at Home

Christee Bacon, 13, is missing from Tamarac, Florida.

Update:  I have been contacted by Christee’s mom and by BSO who reported that Christee Bacon, who was missing from Tamarac was located Monday unharmed in Lighthouse Point at a McDonalds.

Christee Bacon has been missing from her Banyan Lakes home in Tamarac Florida since April 6th and no one seems to care.

Not even our police, according to her family.

Christee Bacon

In fact, BSO won’t even investigate, telling her mother Mildred Bacon that since the girl has run away before, that she’s likely a runaway again.  But Bacon doesn’t believe it.

Not this time.

Her daughter Christee said that she was going over to a friend’s home and never made it over there. There wasn’t a fight between the two of them and she even told her dad where she was going when she left around 5:15 pm.

When Bacon came home and called the friend’s mother she found out Christee never made it there.

Christee didn’t have a cellphone with her at the time. She had lost her cellphone privileges a month before, but Bacon says Christee wasn’t upset about that. She was still allowed to use the phone inside her home.

Christee is an 8th grader at Silver Lakes Middle School in North Lauderdale and Bacon is not getting any answers from her friends there. She’s been passing out flyers along with her other children and hoping someone out there knows something about Christee’s disappearance.

Christee has hyper-thyroidism and needs her medication, her mother said.  She is hoping someone may know something about her medical needs and asks for help soon.

Besides Christee’s disappearance, the biggest travesty of all is that the media is not all over this story, I only heard about this last night.

The paper didn’t run the story until now because the young lady wasn’t white. Had Christee been white (and blonde) she would have made the front page on April 7th and the lead story on CNN thirty minutes after the paper had hit the stands.” – Sun Sentinel Reader after the Sentinel waited over a month to write a story about this missing child.

Please keep your eyes open and if you see anything, please contact BSO 954-765-4321 or Mildred Bacon at 754-422-7409.

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  • Mildred Bacon

    Thanking you again for putting our story out there.God bless you and yours.
    Mildred Bacon & Family

  • mildred bacon

    Hi Sharon,
    Christee has been found,she appears ok. Thank GOD.
    THANKS so much for your help,printing the article in TAMARAC TALK
    Our family is very greatful.Thank you ,Mildred Bacon and Family

  • AB

    Why does race have to be put in this story, ever since this Trayvon thing, everyone is turning racist. I have been hearing about this girl Christee missing since day one or two.
    Thank goodness she is OK, I hope she explains to her parents where she was and that she won’t do it again,and the man power cost of looking for her. And the worry she put her family through.

    Editors Note: Race has everything to do with why this story didn’t receive mainstream media attention. Imagine if she was a blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl, not only would the Sun-Sentinel have put out a story right away (took them one month), but she would have been covered on CNN’s Nancy Grace.