Tamarac Residents are Asleep at the Wheel

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Qualifying ended Friday for the November Tamarac city commission race and not one resident came forward to challenge the two incumbents.

This means that both Diane Glasser and Pamela Bushnell have won their seats uncontested.

What is going on in this city, is everyone asleep at the wheel?

With all the complaining people do, it shows that residents truly enjoy the status quo.

The status quo brings no new changes or ideas to the commission. We are set for at least two more years of the same old business-as-usual in Tamarac.

With it, comes more rubber-stamped amendments with overwhelming consensus and more staff-introduced items.

Best of all, our 60,000 residents don’t really care because many don’t even show up at commission meetings. Tamarac is still one of the only cities in Broward County that doesn’t even broadcast their meetings!

So no one really knows what is going on in city hall, and frankly, I don’t think anyone cares.

Is anyone awake in Tamarac?

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Sharon Aron Baron Sharon Aron Baron is the Editor of Talk Media and writer for Tamarac Talk and Coral Springs Talk. Tamarac Talk was created in 2010 to provide News, Views and Entertainment for the residents of Tamarac and to give resident's a forum. We are not affiliated with the City of Tamarac. That's why this site can be occasionally opinionated and obviously open.


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  • Herman Pecker

    Despite your well intended efforts, I don’t think you get it. You can carry on all you want about the failure to broadcast, but I’m not convinced anyone would watch anyway. You said yourself no one shows up for commission meetings, why would you think someone would watch that crap from home?

    As far as he 2 commissioners going back unopposed, perhaps most people actually believe they’re doing a good job, despite the fact their priorities may not align with yours.

    So, you running in 2014?

    From the Editor:

    First of all Mr “Pecker”, I wouldn’t call the meetings crap. There are a lot of issues voted on that are costing us taxpayers plenty. And of course many people think they are doing a good job. Ignorance is bliss you know. I mean, really….do you even know what’s going on? Do you attend meetings? Or you ok with the status quo too?

    Second, the city advertises itself as “Transparant” on their website, yet don’t want to air the meetings. Meetings don’t even have to be watched live, residents can go to the website and watch them at anytime…just like in the other cities.

    How many people can take off work to come to these morning meetings? Also, many people don’t drive so having the convenience of watching them at home, at their convenience is a a plus. Of course it’s not going to get the viewership of a TV show, but the point is to have open and transparent government. Everyone else in Broward seems to get this except our city.

    Regarding running in 2014, I may not even have to. In District 2, there are plenty of people that are jockeying up for position right now.

  • AB

    I think the meetings should be broadcasted, I know I would watch it, I know where I live in Tamarac Mainlands 6 you don’t want to leave your home, we are having so many daytime break ins. I don’t leave my house unless its for a doctors appointment. I am afraid that someone would see me leave, the house next to me has had approx 4 breakin’s in the last 2 months, and also the house directly next to me was just robbed last week.
    I also think that this site Tamarac Talk should start showing the areas of break in so they will stay alert, people to be careful, I hate being a prisoner in my own home. I cannot wait to move back up north and get away from the Browards Crimes. Where I came from you could even leave your doors unlocked and know one would bother you.