Tamarac Residents Ask Their HOA to Allow Them to Build Fence

Sandy and Broderick Smith would like Homeowners Association to allow them to build a fence as a barrier between their home and Commercial Boulevard

Sandy and Broderick Smith would like their Homeowners Association to allow them to build a fence as a barrier between their home and busy Commercial Boulevard

By: Sharon Aron Baron

Twelve years ago, Broderick and Sandy Smith moved into their beautiful Woodlands home in Tamarac from Coconut Creek. Back then, they were surrounded with a barrier of ficus trees to protect them from the traffic from Commercial Boulevard, however, they still didn’t feel completely safe once they started having children.

Broderick who works in construction maintenance with the State of Florida (FDOT) and Sandy, who is a stay-at-home-mother who home-schools her youngest child, say that every week, people cut across not only their lawn, but their neighbors back yard once they are dropped off at the nearby bus stop. Since there are no sidewalks along Commercial Boulevard, their backyard has become one.

With the nearby wall along Commercial Boulevard routinely being hit and damaged by cars, they were worried that one day a car would enter their back yard as well, close to where their two children slept.

In 2009, The Smith’s asked the City of Tamarac if they could install a fence along the area. The City agreed, but said they needed permission from the Architectural Committee in the Woodlands. They placed a call with Architectural Committee President Patti Fox, who told them no fences were allowed in the Woodlands.

“We received a ‘no’ from the president even though the city said ‘yes’. We understand that they aren’t allowed here,” said Sandy, “ but we live along the perimeter, not on the golf course. We aren’t obstructing anyone’s view.”

Sandy and Broderick had to remove their ficus trees this year due to white fly infestation and have already planted new plants along the street. If they could build a fence, they would work with the architectural committee and make sure that it met their criteria.

“We’d make sure it was in good taste, and if they want, we’d keep the ficus out in front to cover it up,” said Sandy.

The Smiths would like an override to the current HOA rules and have their situation looked at on a case-by-case basis. “We never had a chance to be heard before the Woodlands Architectural Committee and would like that chance,” said Sandy.

“Our neighbors behind us [along Commercial] want a fence as well and this will really help protect us from all these people that are walking in from the streets.”

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  • Jacki Murillo

    I think that The Woodlands HOA (Patti Fox) should consider allowing a fence for this unique case. What would be the harm? If anything it would protect their property better. Who wants peole and possibly cars going through their property?? Use common sense people!!

  • Steve

    How can the city approve the fence when their own code -Sec. 24-804- prevents it?

  • lerose55

    I think one of those concrete walls should be put up and down the road there, but I understand they are very expensive. It is so dangerous to be in their backyards with the way people drive and cut each other off. These people are in danger of a car coming through their house. At least a 6 ft. chain link fence in all their backyards one end to the other would be the next best thing. Then they can plant their hedges for some privacy. Plus it will help keep strangers out of their yards w/ their young children. So that would solve 2 dangers for all of these people and the families.
    I support these peoples concerns. Woodlands should consider these dangers.

  • Tamaracboy

    The CITY of Tamarac does NOT need permission from the Woodlands HOA to fence their right of way. Period. And the City Attorney knows this. They are just kowtowing to Woodlands HOA because the (once again indicted) Mayor lives there. And just so you see the whole truth Woodlands itself has an ugly Chain-Link fence separating their own golf course from Commercial Blvd. Talk about HYPOCRISY !