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Which size is right for you?

Great news for the residents of Tamarac in single family homes.

We finally are getting what many other cities around us already have: uniform garbage cans.  These cans not only look good, they actually keep critters out and garbage in with their heavy lids.   The City of Tamarac recently signed a contract with Waste Management for all their residential and commercial garbage pick-up and these cans will be used by the automated trucks on your garbage and recycling day.  Residents will be saving $2.64 a month in garbage fees.

Also,  no more carrying recycling bins to the curb.  Just mix all your recyclables and wheel it to your curb for pick-up.

You must contact Waste Management by August 20th if you want a can other than the standard 65-gallon one pictured.

Read more here from the City of Tamarac:


As you may know by now, the City of Tamarac has a new garbage vendor, Waste Management. Waste Management recently mailed postcards to all residences in Tamarac regarding their service and the choice residents who live in single-family homes have with regards to the size of the garbage carts available for both regular garbage pick-up and recycling pick-up.

Beginning in October, residents are scheduled to receive one standard 65-gallon roll-out cart with wheels for garbage AND another 65-gallon roll-out cart for your recycling needs. (Please note: The recycling containers will have yellow lids to help differentiate them from the regular garbage carts.)

If the standard 65-gallon size is adequate for your needs, you DO NOT need to do anything. Both standard size containers will be delivered to you.

If you would prefer a smaller, 35-gallon, cart OR larger, 95-gallon, cart, for either garbage or recycling collection, or both, please call Waste Management Customer Service at: 1-800-433-2300.

REMEMBER: There are a total of three different size containers to choose from: 35-gallon; 65-gallon (standard/default size); or 95-gallon. For a comparison of the various sizes, please see the image above. (Please Note: The man pictured is approximately 5’9″.) If you do not call Waste Management to choose a size, you will automatically receive the 65-gallon size cart.

The deadline to make a decision is Saturday, August 20, 2011. Again, if you want the standard 65-gallon size carts, you do not need to do anything.

If you are having a hard time deciding which cart is the right size for you, the three different sizes will be on display at Tamarac City Hall (7525 N.W. 88 Avenue) and the Tamarac Community Center (8601 W. Commercial Blvd.) beginning Tuesday, August 9, 2011. Be sure to stop by.

Here’s what else you need to know about the change in the City’s garbage vendor:

  • Garbage will still be collected twice weekly;
  • Recycling and Bulk Waste will still be collected once per week;
  • Most residents will have some change to their scheduled garbage pick-up days;
  • Service days will be some combination of Monday/Thursday or Tuesday/Friday. (The garbage carts will have stickers on them with the specific collection days listed.);
  • Residents will see a drop in rates, from $25.24 to 22.60 per month;
  • You do not have to call Waste Management in order to get a cart. If you do not contact Waste Management, you will automatically receive the 65 gallon size carts for both recycling and solid waste collection. (This is the cart size recommended by the hauler and should accommodate the needs of most residents.);
  • Side-Door service is still available for those who would require this service. Please call Waste Management Customer Service for details and costs.*

Remember, if you have questions, or would like to specify your cart size, please contact Waste Management Customer Service at: 


*Costs may be waived for those with medical/physical conditions. Call for details.

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  • Jim82

    Glad we’re finally getting these bigger cans. Will be much easier to roll these out to the curb and maybe our neighborhood won’t look like a trash heap on garbage day. Question: What should we do with our old cans? Do we throw them in the new ones or recycling?

  • Richard in Mainlands 6

    I think that’s a great question Jim … now, depending on the actually number of households affected, there could easily be 10,000 – 20,000 plastic or metal trash cans “going out of service” come October. I certainly hope someone in the City has a plan on how to handle that issue and I also hope their advice will be forthcoming to all residents well before the implementation date.

    Seems to me the “green thing” would be to properly recycle them … otherwise we all may have to erect barricade blinds to hide our leftover trash cans like we’re required to do for our A/C units.

  • Richard and Jim, I forwarded your concern about what to do about the garbage cans to the City and I received a response from Troy Geis’ who is their Budget and Contracts Manager in Public Works. I’m hoping he does not mind me printing it:

    Your inquiry regarding the old garbage cans was forwarded to me. There
    will definitely be an opportunity to have old garbage cans and recycling
    bins collected by Waste Management. As we get closer to the transition
    date, we will send out more specific information.

    Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like additional



    Troy Gies
    Budget and Contracts Manager
    Public Works – City of Tamarac
    6011 Nob Hill Road
    Tamarac, FL 33321-6200
    P: 954-597-3718
    F: 954-597-3720