Tamarac Youth Soccer Parents Expected Same Level of Service When City Took Over League

Last season at the Tamarac Youth Soccer League where the Angry Birds are shown playing the Drones.

Last season at the Tamarac Youth Soccer League where the Angry Birds are shown playing the Drones.

By: Sharon Aron Baron

Tamarac Youth Soccer League, once managed by parent volunteers has now been taken over by the City of Tamarac. Parks and recreation officials who had good intentions of an efficient running league have many parents feeling like they aren’t getting their money’s worth.

Before the city took over the league, the $80 fee would cover the complete uniform, a personalized trophy, and a closing ceremony complete with free food and drinks, bounce house, and a stage where all of the players would receive their trophies.

Parent displays their custom trophies on left and right that has their child's name and in the middle, the generic on that is given out by the City of Tamarac

Parent displays their custom trophies on left and right that has their child’s name and in the middle, the generic one that is given out by the City of Tamarac that does not have the child’s name or team name

Parents informed Tamarac Talk that now that the city is took over running the league, that same fee only gets their child a jersey and socks, no shorts, a generic trophy and no closing ceremony.

“The best part of this is that we pay the same amount of money. So we thought that the city would do a better job because it has more resources.  But it is worse. This is not about budget, we pay for it.” Said one parent who did not want to be named.

Michelle Zimmer, Recreation Superintendent for the City of Tamarac, said she hasn’t received any feedback, nor has she received any phone calls from the parents regarding the closing ceremonies, just calls regarding the city not providing the shorts. The season doesn’t end until this next Saturday, so many parents are not aware that there isn’t a closing ceremony this year for their child.

Zimmer believes that when parents were managing their own funds in a checking account, the money was more accessible. When funds are paid to the city, they are deposited into a general fund and cannot be accessed throughout the season.

She said that the City of Tamarac does not provide closing ceremonies for any of the leagues including football and individual leagues.

“I think we will be looking into changing it up, it’s a pretty hefty cost. If you look at the other cities they’re not doing it either. We’re always open to suggestions. It’s our first season out there. We have over 550 kids and a lot of volunteers out there,” said Zimmer.

Zimmer says that if any parents would like to talk with her, to please contact her at anytime. A parent survey will be going out at the end of the season and she encourages everyone to send in their response. Zimmer can be reached at Michelle Zimmer michelle.zimmer@tamarac.org or you can contact Rance Gaede at rance.gaede@tamarac.org

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  • Tamarac Person

    I really enjoyed this soccer season being run by the city. All the fields were well prepared and nets were well maintained. My only complaint is the colors! Ugh No more White, Bright Green or Yellow teams! Also Referees were always there on time and they had good training. When the parents ran the league there were problems with the Refs and also you had members of the board that would play politics with coaches and refs . The city at least you a have a good feeling that everything issue is going to be handled with openess and without favorites. I wish the city would take over my HOA!

  • Worry mom

    I have one question: Does the city of Tamarac Youth Soccer form athletes or just ball players?