Which Political Party Will Teenager Pick During Pre-registration


Several Broward County High Schools will be having drives to pre-register students to vote.  They must be 16 and a US citizen.  Please check with your school for dates and times.

The following is an editorial:

While walking into Publix the other day my teenaged son told me, “They’re going to be preregistering us to vote at school this week, and I’m going have to figure out which party I’m going to pick.”

I know when he tells me things like this, he’s usually asking my advice. I appreciate this, and try to act the part of the good parent and be as unbiased as possible.

“Well Max, it’s important to think about your choices. You can register to be part of a number of parties, but the major ones are Republican, Democrat and Independent. You’re just going to have to figure out which one best suits you.”

But as we walked further, I knew I couldn’t end the conversation there. No, I had to tell my son who I felt was the right political party in my heart that he should select. I couldn’t be unbiased, not with something so important to me.

“Listen Max, let me remind you that your father and I are Democrats, our parents are Democrats, and the presidents that we know and respect like FDR, JFK, and LBJ are all Democrats. We are part of the party that cares about our fellow man, the party that created Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and the Affordable Healthcare Act. We believe in equal rights and woman’s rights over their bodies, so don’t forget that, OK?”

“Yeah, but it’s still up to me to decide,” he said.

“That’s fine, but let me remind you in case you forgot. Just two years ago, you voluntarily spent your entire summer working making phone calls and registering voters to help get our president elected, a president who just so happens to be a Democrat. So don’t make the wrong choice this week.”

How soon he forgets: Max takes a photo of Obama speaking in Hollywood FL

How soon he forgets: Max takes a photo of Obama speaking in Hollywood FL



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  • A different view

    I’m an independent, but on the conservative side. I like small government and believe it should not interfere or conflict in any way shape or form with the U.S. Constitution. I believe in States rights and that States are independent governments that reign with as little direction as possible from the federal government, which ideally is to provide the country with infrastructure and defense. Yes I too believe in social welfare programs as stated in this article, but oversight has been poor in recent years and the programs have literally eaten away at the family economies of the hard working taxpayers that support these programs. Ideally, I would support Obamacare, but I don’t because it throws too large a wrench into the free enterprise system. I would prefer spending all that money on getting people back to what their mom’s taught them: Eat your leafing greens, don’t get fat and stay active. I think any parental approach to advising a son/daughter on political parties needs to start first with a question: “What do you know about American history and that of the free world and what have they taught you in school?” Help your child decide critically for him/herself on what party to choose. Don’t make it so easy as to explain it away as a family tradition.