Broward Coalition says, “Speak now!” or there may not be a tomorrow

Broward Coalition says, “Speak now!” or there may not be a tomorrow 1

The Broward Coalition is at the forefront of fighting for the rights of condominium and Homeowner associations to be protected from the abusive banks and lending institutions that are sitting back and purposely stalling foreclosure proceedings on properties they own. They are heartlessly forcing association members to shell out hundreds of thousands of dollars to pick up the financial slack.

The Broward Coalition, which boasts over 225 associations, representing over 100,000, residents in Broward County says their members have had enough.

Charlotte Greenberg, the president, says, “Lenders must be penalized for purposely stalling on foreclosures, thereby further financially crippling associations, not only in Broward County but the rest of the country as well.”

“It’s time that all associations join with us and use our People Power”, with a very loud voice,” says Mary Macfie, coalition First Vice President.

Coalition leaders are meeting with State Representatives and association attorneys, including Michael S. Bender of Kaye and Bender, and Lisa Magill of Becker and Poliakoff.  They have assisted the coalition in creating the petitions which association members will sign, indicating their will for such legislation. These petitions are now being circulated throughout their member communities to create specific bills which would include several provisions to protect homeowner and condominium communities.

Condominium and Homeowner associations have no recourse but to try and rent out abandoned units and homes while waiting for the banks to foreclose. Residents and board members are now responsible for all the fees associated with the action, as well as the costs associated with maintaining the properties. These fees do include pool maintenance, lawn care, pest control, and so many other common area expenses.

Boards of directors from the associations agree that the lenders must assume and be liable for all debts and fees owed to the associations on their properties.

“If they would just foreclose in a timely manner, there would be no additional expenses to the association and its members,” said Greenberg.

The Broward Coalitions asks that you please sign BOTH petitions below.  They ask you to help by making copies of them and passing them out to your neighbors in your buildings or community.

David Mohabir
  1. The Florida legislature is in session now and we need them to hear our voices and what WE WANT them to do.  This petition gives judges the right to punish banks when they delay foreclosures, costing associations money.
  2. This petition protects associations from being liable for all of the late fees, attorneys? fees, and assessments when they foreclose on the property before the bank does.

They may be faxed or scanned & e-mailed.  Here is the info:

Mary Macfie:  Fax  954-659-8141 e-mailed to 1st Vice-President

or Patti Lynn   Fax  954-532-0931 e-mail to:  Secretary


Friday February 10, 2012 @ 11am

Sunrise Lakes Ph. 1 Clubhouse
8100 Sunrise Lakes Drive NORTH
N. University Dr., North of Sunrise Blvd.
Turn East onto Sunrise Lakes Drive
Go to Stop sign, turn left, pass circle w/tennis courts
Park in lot “Guest” spots
RSVP Mary Macfie before February 9


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