Marlon Bolton Kicks Off Reelection Campaign in Tamarac

Marlon Bolton Kicks Off Reelection Campaign in Tamarac 1

Commissioner Marlon Bolton with State Senator Perry Thurston at his kick-off event in Tamarac.

By: Saraana Jamraj

Commissioner Marlon Bolton kicked off his 2020 campaign over the weekend, holding a fundraiser fueled by supporters for his reelection.

Hoping for another victory like in 2016, Bolton spoke with the approximately 30 supporters about his first term in office, as well as what he hopes to accomplish in the second.  

Of his first-term accomplishments, Bolton focused on how he works to improve the lives of his constituents, especially in a district with a large portion of older adults. 

“Unfortunately, it is often the senior citizens who live an impoverished life — I wanted to make sure that I protect them, so I championed the tax-exemption for low-income senior citizens,” said Bolton.

Commissioner Bolton also highlighted his initiatives to the redevelopment of Caporella Park, including having the city install wifi.  He talked about his home rehabilitation grants, launching the first multicultural festival in the city, and mandating baby changing-stations in every public bathroom—all brought before the commission and passing.

He said if he is reelected for a second term, he plans to advocate extending Caporella Park by acquiring new land and bring the first community center on the east side of Tamarac.  Other goals include bringing Tamarac’s water supply to the eastern edge of the city, where Ft. Lauderdale currently services them. Also,  possibly bringing a community clinic to fruition.

“I want to see that low-income residents will have access to healthcare, free of charge,” said Bolton.

He also wants to continue his current work– advocating for his constituents’ best interests and listening to their concerns, needs, and wishes. 

“We have to make sure that our residents live a good life and live a stress-free life.”

The event was held at the locally-owned Moments Restaurant & Lounge, which Bolton said was vital to him, as his opponent held her first campaign event outside of Tamarac, in Lauderhill.  

“I wanted to keep the dollars here, and to support local business,” he said.

His opponent, Michelle Jones, is a chef who owns her own catering company and hopes to win the District 1 seat on the commission when she runs against Bolton.

Both Commissioners Bolton and Julie Fishman are up for reelection next year.  


This first fundraiser brought in a little under $2,500, with one resident donating as much as $500. The man told him that he believes in his leadership and sees the results.

“If there’s an issue in the community, I’m always there, always answering the phone, and he’s impressed by that,” said Bolton about the donor.

So far, Bolton’s reelection campaign has brought in $64,938.80.  

He mentioned that many donations were for amounts of $25 and under and that he’s grateful for those as well.

“Whatever the amount of the donation is, I’m always happy to see that people are supporting me.  Family, friends, residents, and well-wishers.  It warms my heart,” he said.

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