Mayor Requests That No Questions About Charter School Are Asked at Meeting

Dressler-kpBy: Joe Morguess

On Wednesday, Mayor Harry Dressler was guest speaker to approximately 200 members of the Kings Point Democratic Club. But before he was introduced, the president told the audience that no questions about the Doral Charter School would be permitted during the Q & A because the mayor had informed him that the charter school issue is not one that has come before the commission, nor brought to their attention.

The Mayor expanded on this and said that the community will be involved and their needs considered – and will be notified when and if the issue arises. He further stated that there is never an incentive to hurt the residents of Kings Point. He also stated that he has no knowledge of plans for a charter school, nor holds a position on it. Therefore any questions regarding it would be premature.

The Mayor’s presentation covered Tamarac Village, the Tam-A-Gram, and the city’s involvement in Memorials such as the 9-11, Veteran’s , and other City information.

During the Q&A a resident asked if he has any knowledge of the Sports complex area being zoned for a school. He said he did not.

When asked how he as the mayor could be in the dark on such things, he replied that city issues are many, and he becomes most involved when they are formally presented to him. The mayor indicated that his role as a mayor is not a strong one, “I am not a strong mayor,” he said, and that his vote is only one of five.

City Commissioner Diane Glasser was present in the room, but did not speak. The Mayor said that Kings Point could not have had a better commissioner representing them.

At the Kings Point New England club’s meeting last week, the mayor was also their guest speaker, and members were likewise informed that no Doral Charter School questions would be permitted, however I did not attend that meeting.

Joe Morguess has been a resident of Kings Point for 17 years.  Originally from New York City, he grew up in the Bronx and lived in Great Neck before moving to Tamarac.  Morquess was formerly a School Psychologist for the New York City School System and a Human Relations Trainer for the Professional Development Program at the New York Board of Education.  He has also worked part-time as a school psychologist for Broward County Schools.  Since 2009, he has been the District 3 appointee for the Broward Consumer Protection Board.  Prior to that, he was the District 3 appointee to the Elderly and Veteran’s Services Advisory Board. 

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