Reserve Your Space at the Free Vegan Buffet in Tamarac

Reserve Your Space at the Free Vegan Buffet in Tamarac 4

Photo by Earthsave Miami

By: Carly Levy

Eating a strictly vegan diet, meaning no meat, eggs, or dairy products poses a challenge for most people who go at it alone, that’s why group dinners can provide a healthy food option for those without a support system.

On Friday, August 25, at 5 p.m., EarthSave Miami will be holding a TryVegan Buffet in Tamarac with hosts Jeff Tucker, Estela Delgado, and Chef Brook Katz who will present a free three-course vegan menu including raw and gluten-friendly options.

The catch? You will either need to bring a reusable place setting. If you forget, just bring a $1 donation. Early birds will also get to hear a public reading from “Powerful Vegan Messages” or “Why I Will Always Be Vegan.” Open mic will be available for testimonials, vegan-themed music, and poetry.

Those who participated in the 10-Day Jumpstart Challenge, a personal goal of eating a whole food plant-based diet for ten days, will report and celebrate their personal results. Also, Audrye S. Arbe, author of “Vim Vigor Vitality Vegan” and “The Mother’s Manual” will be speaking about health, personal responsibility, and the planet.

The TryVegan Buffet will be at the Tamarac Community Center at 8601 W Commercial Blvd, Tamarac, FL 33351. RSVP before August 23rd for an assured meal at 954-971-4432 or


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