Residents Fed Up with Unkempt Home in Community

By: Sharon Aron Baron

Last July, we reported on a home in Tamarac that had long been an eyesore in the community. Besides having a large number of items left on the property, the owner would routinely park several cars and trucks in front.  Residents were assured by the city that they would soon be towed.

So, what has happened in six months?

According to a neighbor that lives near the Vanguard Village property, not much. 

Except the city did place a tow-away sign shortly after our article was published.

Two years ago, resident George G., said it started with couches, a ladder, and trash on the front and side of the home. The neighbors believed that the homeowner was just cleaning out his house or fixing his roof.  But the items stayed, and more junk accumulated.

This wasn’t all either. The owner began parking construction equipment on his lawn and across the street instead of at his business.

“At nighttime, when you pass by, there are at least five work trucks, and all of the employees and their cars are parked there in front,” he said.

Last July, city spokesperson Elise Boston told Tamarac Talk that the city had the option of towing vehicles on the city swale that were not in compliance, however, George G. said no one from the city ever calls to tow the vehicles, and he’s not authorized to do so. 

“So a resident can’t call the tow number,” said George. “I told [Code Enforcement Manager] Scott Krajewski to call the towing company before he clocks out. Call anytime.”

According to documents, the home received two final orders totaling $750 back in December 2015 for having commercial vehicles.  In it, it states that the owner had not applied for an occupational license for running a business out of the home.  The license would only be for a home office which would restrict the parking of vehicles at that location.

In May 2016, a lien was issued for the commercial vehicles as well as for an occupational license violation with a daily fine running at $100 per day from Jan 5, 2016.  It stated that should the property not be cleaned, a fine and a lien would be placed.

The current ordinance is very restrictive.  The only thing the city could legally do is remove is the refrigerator door for safety reasons said George, otherwise, they can’t go on the property, and they can’t tow any vehicle on the resident’s property. Last November, George said his homeowner’s association met with Krajewski and City Commissioner Debra Placko regarding the issues.  They, in turn, said they would meet with the city attorney to modify the ordinance.  Three months later, he said he has not received any follow-up as to when the ordinance will be modified. 

We reached out to Scott Krajewski for an update two times, however, we have not received a response.

“Two years, it’s a lot – it’s a lot of money. He’s getting multiple violations of over $500 a day. Plus, he’s running an illegal business.”

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Sharon Aron Baron
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