Residents Peeved Parking Ordinance Not Enforced

Mainlands 7

Mainlands 7

By: Sharon Aron Baron

Tamarac residents are concerned by the number of people that are skirting around the no parking ordinance in their communities, whose cars are creating hazards and restricting their line of sight, as well as inhibiting fire rescue from having access. Signs that clearly state, “No parking between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m.” are being ignored because residents say, they aren’t being enforced.

A Mainlands 7 resident, who doesn’t want to be named, provided pictures of an ongoing problem in her neighborhood where cars and SUVs are parked overnight in the street on NW 58th street and NW 48th Way.  She said it creates a problem when someone turns out of NW 48th Way, creating a blind turn into the oncoming lane.

“As soon as you turn, you then encounter another car parked in the oncoming lane, and after that, a van, and a car in your lane. You have to zigzag all the way out,” she said.

Mainlands 7

Mainlands 7

Over a year and a half ago, residents contacted the Broward Sheriff’s Office, who issued tickets resulting in the offenders moving off of the street for a week. However, soon they were back on the street again, she said, when they figured out that they rarely come through to enforce the no parking rule. 

“It’s been a year and a half and they have never come back. I guess they only enforce the no parking ordinance if you call – and that’s the problem.  We have given up calling as the police don’t come back to reinforce it.”

She said the neighbors contacted City Commissioner Pam Bushnell for help, stressing the need for fire rescue to have access. 

“She kind of side-stepped it saying ‘this used to be a 55 and older community where people only had two cars. Now it’s more of a family neighborhood.’  We said yes, it was a retirement neighborhood which is why the streets are so narrow, however, the city has no parking ordinance on the street from 2-6 a.m. that isn’t being enforced.”

But the Mainlands 7, isn’t the only community that’s besieged by cars blocking the roadways overnight, Woodlands Country Club residents said that new residents, including renters, are currently violating the rules.  Woodlands has stricter codes than the rest of the City of Tamarac through their overlays, however, sometimes things slip through the cracks.  Residents posting on the private Facebook page have been complaining about two streets specifically where homeowners are parking overnight: Breadfruit Circle and Royal Poinciana. One resident who lives on Breadfruit said people routinely park on the grass as well as the street.

“I moved into the Woodlands Tamarac because of the strict requirements, but what good does that do if people who live there don’t adhere to them or it’s not being enforced?” wrote one resident.

The Woodlands HOA hires an off duty officer to patrol the streets at night, however, they are not ticketing these offenders.

Because of the difficulty with garbage trucks getting through in the Mainlands 7, the homeowner’s association has asked BSO Captain Neal Glassman to attend their December 15, homeowner’s meeting so he can discuss the parking problem with them.  We’ll keep you posted.

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Sharon Aron Baron
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