More Shenanigans Outside of the Tamarac Polls


By: Joe Morguess

Is one Kings Point resident betraying her neighbors for her own political gain? From the way it looked outside of the Tamarac Library on Saturday, this resident not only disregarded the rules of the Democratic Party but seemed to have little regard for her fellow seniors.

Tamarac Talk reported on Tuesday that Kings Point resident Fran Klauber, who was representing the Kings Point Democratic Party, was handing out Democratic Party voting materials to voters – then immediately introducing them to District 3 Tamarac City commissioner candidate Julie Fishman, and promoting her –  and only her.

This constituted a violation because Fishman is in a nonpartisan election for the seat. An official poll worker on the scene agreed and asked Klauber to cease her actions, which she seemed to agree to.

For a few days.

Even after the story broke, Klauber was back at it on Saturday. Not only was she performing the same violation again by promoting Fishman’s candidacy with Democratic Party materials in one hand and Fishman’s materials in the other,  she was telling voters that Fishman is the “youngest” candidate, and therefore the preferred one. This was an obvious slap in the face to Kings Point candidate Gerald Heller who stood just a few feet away. Fishman was on a break at the time, however, I was there next to Klauber as were several others as she flagrantly used the “youth” card.  

This means that Klauber, who is a new resident and Democratic club official, is representing a club, whose ages range from 55-90 plus, has total disregard for the interests of her peers and looks down on their age and wisdom in the Kings Point developments. Furthermore, Klauber never challenged the Sports Complex proposed location of the Doral charter school in 2015, nor did Fishman.  

Four of the six Tamarac commission candidates are Kings Point residents. All of the other candidates are “older” than Fishman, who lives in Westwood.

In an earlier “Viewpoint” analysis of the candidates, I concluded that Kings Point resident Gerald Heller appears to be the most qualified candidate for Tamarac City Commissioner, District 3.

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Joe Morguess
Joe Morguess
Joseph Morguess is a long term resident of Kings Point, a retired clinical school psychologist/ human relations trainer, and is a District 3 Broward Commission Appointee and the Vice-Chair of the Broward Consumer Protection Board.
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