Something Stinks about Miami Police’s Beef with FHP

Things are starting to really stink in the City of Miami versus Florida Highway Patrol feud.


On Saturday, a Miami City commissioner-turned-trooper discovered that five gallons of human excrement had been poured over his car while it was sat outside his Miami home leading many to speculate if this was in retaliation to the chase and arrest of a Miami Police officer at gunpoint by FHP Trooper Donna Jane Watts.

Tension between the City of Miami Police and FHP started heating up on October 11 after FHP Trooper Donna Jane Watts arrested Miami Police Officer Fausto Lopez after she stopped him for driving over 120 mph.

Many in the community are rallying around Trooper Watts and believe her actions were justified.  She even has a fan page on Facebook with over 250 supporters.

Nothing Bundt Cakes

“I don’t think she did anything wrong. Reckless driving, 30-60 MPH over the speed limit, guy with no uniform on,” said “AJ”on his Facebook fan page, “Good reason to investigate and pull them over.”

“From a former law enforcement officer, I say thank you to Trooper Donna Jane Watts for protecting your community.  Law enforcement officers are not above the law”.? If this Metro cop had caused an accident and Trooper Watts had ignored his negligent behavior, who do you think would have been responsible for that?” said Dala Guisinger??.

Jeff Parkes said, “Donna Watts, It’s about time we got a good cop. If you ever run for office you will have my vote. Maybe you could clean up some of these bad cops especially in Miami.”

Many supporters are calling Watts a hero however, there are many people that believe her actions were unjustified. “I think the troopers actions were disgraceful, both to her agency and all Florida law enforcement. The hand gun and cuffs were pure spite and vindictiveness on her part. She proved that by her remarks, to the Miami officer, which were entirely unprofessional and of a personal nature. She’s deliberately created a situation which will simmer for years between FHP & the rest of the Florida LEO community, ” said George Dean.

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