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Survey Shows Tamarac Is Among the Best in the Country on Community Satisfaction

By Agrippina Fadel

A recent survey shows Tamarac residents feel safe in their community, are satisfied with the quality of life, and trust the city government.

Results were presented to the commission members at the workshop on October 25.

Since 2005, the community-based market research firm, ETC Institute,  has taken these surveys.

Chris Tatham, CEO, said that despite the recent financial crisis and the pandemic, the City of Tamarac has done a “fantastic” job historically at meeting the needs and expectations of residents.

“What is really great is that you have actively gotten input from your residents for 16 consecutive years. Very few communities around the country can even come close to that,” Tatham told members of the commission. He added that that survey results help the city make educated decisions.

The survey showed that resident satisfaction levels are consistently going up and set the standards for the performance when the ETC Institute compares its results to other communities.

The resident survey is taken every two years, which helps measure trends over time. It also allows the city to find the areas that matter to residents and identify opportunities to improve their satisfaction. The current version of the resident survey has been in place since 2009 and is longer than most surveys the company uses, yet Tamarac residents still show high levels of participation.

Taken by mail, phone, and online,  the survey included 1,282 randomly selected households in Tamarac.

“For the local business survey, we talked to 310 businesses in the community. Tamarac rates very well on being business-friendly: 77% of business owners said they would recommend a fellow entrepreneur to move here,” he said.

Tatham said Tamarac residents feel safer than they did in 2018 when the previous survey took place.

“Fire and EMS service quality and response times are excellent. Residents think the city is cleaner and looks better; they appreciate the quality of life in Tamarac and rate the Parks and Recreation services highly,” said Tatham. “The residents believe that the city is communicating well with them, shares important information, and provides excellent customer service.”

Tatham added that, most importantly, residents believe the city is taking good care of them during the COVID-19 pandemic. He concluded that Tamarac is among the best cities in the country, with community satisfaction and trust levels.

Mayor Michelle Gomez expressed gratitude to the commission members and city staff.

“Thank you for working hard to implement the changes that the 2018 survey had suggested,” she said.

Survey Results Says Tamarac Is Among the Best in the U.S. Survey Results Says Tamarac Is Among the Best in the U.S. Survey Results Says Tamarac Is Among the Best in the U.S.

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