Tamarac has a crack problem

Crack at Challenger Elementary School


Like many other cities in Broward County, Tamarac has had it’s fair share of problems including crime and declining property values.  Now this:  An over-abundance of crack.

In my experience, this crime is committed by overweight men who seem oblivious that their asses are exposed.  This happened recently while watching a play at Challenger Elementary School when a man sat down unaware that his shorts weren’t pulled up.   The sad part was I was stuck in the row behind him – along with several giggling children.  Changing seats was futile since I was lucky enough to nab second row.  So I sat there suffering for two hours while trying to concentrate on the show.


Company name has been blurred to protect the guilty

This week I saw another crack offender sitting at the counter of a restaurant offering a full view to everyone.   This wasn’t just any crack, according to his shirt he was a plumber and a professional crack culprit. Does this make it more excusable?

There is actually a website devoted to the sport of ass-crack sightings.   It’s called Public Ass Cracks.  I’m happy to see that someone is taking this problem seriously as crack is a real epidemic around here.