Tamarac Pair Arrested after Bloody Bungled Burglary

Robert Rosamelia and Michelle Gaudette of Tamarac

Robert Rosamelia and Michelle Gaudette of Tamarac

By: Sharon Aron Baron

A couple of Tamarac residents were arrested after one of them tried to impersonate a police officer to gain access to a man’s home.

Robert Rosamelia 55, of the 7500 block of NW 66 Terrace in the Mainlands knocked on his victim’s door late Wednesday night, announced he was a “Deerfield Beach police officer,” held up an official looking ID and burglarized and beat his victim.

Vicitim Paul Ramirez was surprised when a man dressed all in black and claiming to be a police officer came to his door close to midnight and demanded entry. Ramirez was apprehensive and asked to see the identification. Robert Rosamelia held up his Pennsylvania State Corrections badge, an ID from his time as a corrections officer.

Once inside, Rosamelia began to accuse Ramirez of having drugs in the home. He told the victim that he was going to arrest him and put him in handcuffs. Instead, Rosamelia pulled out a roll of duct tape and began to tape the victim’s hands. Ramirez became suspicious of Rosamelia and asked him to have other officers respond to the home. Rosamelia took out a can of pepper spray, sprayed the victim in the face and then hit him with a wooden baton, causing a laceration to the victim’s head. The victim began to fight back and a struggle ensued. During the altercation, Rosamelia fled the apartment.

Witnesses heard yelling from the victim’s apartment and saw a white female run through the complex’s parking lot and throw an object into some hedges. They watched the female get into a 2-door Mazda where Rosamelia was waiting. Deputies intersected Rosamelia and his accomplice, Michelle Gaudette, 35, in their car.

Both admitted to being there to see the victim but denied any altercation took place. A search of the car revealed a roll of duct tape, a black skull cap, a pair of black gloves, pepper spray, a wallet with a badge and a bed sheet with blood on it. The subjects also had a bottle of Xanax which Gaudette admitted to having bought them early that evening. The wooden baton was discovered by investigators in the hedges as specified by the witness.

Rosamelia is facing charges for burglary, battery, impersonating a law enforcement officer, petit theft and false imprisonment. Gaudette is facing charges of burglary, battery and possession of a controlled substance without a prescription.

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