Does Anyone Have Any Chutzpah Around Here?


By: Sharon Aron Baron

In his classic book “Chutzpah” Alan Dershowitz defines chutzpah, as “boldness, assertiveness, a willingness to demand what is due, to challenge authority, to raise eyebrows“. In 2015, will any of our Tamarac elected officials show any any chutzpah, or will they continue to be feeble followers of the status-quo?

If any of them showed true “chutzpah”  these are some of the changes they would make in our city.

Ban the scam cams. Make 2015 the year to cancel the contract with American Traffic Solutions.  These red light cameras have been a losing proposition since they signed the contract in 2012 costing us more money in administration costs than we’re taking in,  and there is no proof that these are saving any lives. 

Say no to the charter school at the Sports Complex. Someone needs to find out why it even got this far. It’s not wanted or needed and has already angered a whole district. 

Remove our Sunday Blue Laws banning alcohol sales.  Residents can shop in Lauderhill and Coral Springs for beer and wine on Sunday mornings because of our antiquated law.  Is that what we want?

Ban Panhandling at our dangerous intersections.  How much longer is the city manager going to tell us that BSO is working on this study? Is there any follow up or accountability here?

Appoint an Educational Advisory Board.   Let educators and former educators become our school liaisons as well as decide if charter schools are good for our city, not City staff.

Replace the toxic rubber turf particles in the new field that contains mercury, lead, benzene, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, and arsenic, with a nontoxic replacement for the sake of the children.  It will take a leader with a lot of chutzpah to fight for this, but you’ll thank me in 10 years for nudging you. Trust me.

In case you forgot, here’s how our elected officials make changes:  They do this at city commission meetings by making what is called a “motion.” If they get three votes, they have a majority.  But it takes one strong commissioner with chutzpah to make things happen.  Someone who cares.  But who will it be? 

Who will work for us, the citizens of Tamarac?

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Sharon Aron Baron
Sharon Aron Baron
Sharon Aron Baron is the Editor of Talk Media and Tamarac Talk, Coral Springs Talk, and Parkland Talk. Tamarac Talk was created in 2011 to provide News for the residents of Tamarac and is the #1 News Source for Residents.
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