Tamarac is Home to Another Successful Charter School


I’ve been accused of being anti-charter school.  Am I against all charter schools?  Not necessarily. Am I against most of them? Perhaps. Especially when there have been so few that have proven any exceptional benefits to students besides teaching to the State tests.

One of them that hasn’t proven a darn thing is Pivot Charter School.  I just received a sales brochure mailed to my home talking about all the benefits of the 6-12 location here in Tamarac.

It even says to come tour their new state-of-the-art facilities!

Where could these be?

Why, in the same place they were before – a strip center off Pine Island Road.

Incontro Italian Cuisine Steakhouse

Parents, let me introduce their state-of-the-art facility:


Pivot Charter School


Looks like they’re preparing kids for a life of this:


Office Space Movie

Do our residents realize that they just received a failing grade from the State?  In testing language, this means they just got an F.


Pivot charter schools says that they incorporate an online curriculum with onsite Florida certified teachers to form the accredited blended model used by many colleges today.  What?  They don’t teach their own students 100 percent of the time?  What is the State paying for here, the students to do online work?

The brochure does disclose that they are looking for students that want to excel, graduate early and are self-motivated.  However, if your child is so inclined, I suggest enrolling them in College Academy – a joint venture between Broward County Schools and Broward College.

Certainly not here.


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