City of Tamarac Website Goes Live After a Much Needed Facelift

City of Tamarac Website Goes Live After a Much Needed Facelift 1

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 The new and improved City of Tamarac website went live today.

The much needed facelift was needed on the old website which was created in 1999.  State of the art back during that time, over the years it became obsolete, hard to use and well…not very attractive compared to the graphics that are available now.

The company that designed the website, CivicPlus, also designed Parkland’s website which was one of the winners in Best City Websites of 2012.  According to Levent Sucuoglu, Director of Information Technology, “Civicplus is a fairly well-known company with over 800 municipalities in the country.”

The process for the new look started a year ago.  It was only around March that the city started working intensely with Civicplus and designed the look they have now.   Sucuoglu said that the process was a collaborative effort with the staff at the city.  Each department has been trained on using the website and has access to update their information which will keep the website timely and relevant.

“We still have more work to do,” said Sucuoglu.   He said that there is over 10 years of information in the old website that needed to be converted and formatted.   He encourages all residents that find an area that isn’t working, such as a link or any other data, to please contact his department so that they can get it fixed.

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