Man Has Priorities Mixed Up On Crowdfunding Site


By: Sharon Aron Baron

When I first discovered GoFundme online, I knew it wouldn’t be long before my friends would be asking me to donate money for questionable things.

Kenneth Thomas is an example of one of those people that takes the good intentions of crowdfunding to the nether regions of the world wide web.  He’s not asking for money to help raise his two year-old daughter, nor to help pay the bills towards his sickle cell anemia that’s making him miss a lot of work. No, Thomas wants you to give him money for his livelong dream of owning a custom project car!

“My passion is cars but my priorities always comes first i have two yr old daughter bills etc thats my main focus… i have job that doesn’t really pay good enough on top of it very hard to thrive in due to the racism and discrimation at work+ i have sickle cell anemia ss thus making me miss days at work due to being sick so as you can tell moneys very tight so i thought ill give this go fund me deal a try to reach my life long dream of owning an custom project car so if theres any one of you ladies and gents out there with kind and generist hearts i fully appreciate and be very grateful of any donations recieved thanks in advance peace & love guys.”

Kenneth isn’t raising money to compensate for his low pay, to make a better life for his family or even pay for an education to elevate him into a well-paying position. He’s relying on the generosity of strangers to hand him money to buy that custom made car.

Let’s see how much money he’ll make with this pitch.


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Sharon Aron Baron
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