Tamarac Talk Contributing Writer Shares How to “Never Be Sick Again”

Tamarac Talk Contributing Writer Shares How to "Never Be Sick Again" 1Tamarac is fortunate to have its own internationally recognized leader and visionary who is on the cutting edge of health science.  Raymond Francis was born in New England and is a  MIT trained scientist who became deathly ill in his mid 40’s and was forced to save his own life.

With his knowledge of  biochemistry he took himself from death’s door to exemplary health in his mid 70’s after realizing that the average person without his scientific knowledge would have died, he decided to devote his life to helping others get well and stay well.  He developed a new paradigm of health and disease based on simplifying complex science into common sense concepts so simple they can be taught to a child and so powerful that ordinary people use it to cure cancer.

Francis developed his simple ‘Beyond Health Model’ of health while living in California.  His breakthrough concept is based on there being only one disease – malfunctioning cells.   When all cells function normally you can’t be sick.  Only when large number of cells malfunction can you be sick. Once you give your cells the nutrients they need and rid them of toxins they will revert to normal and  you will be on your way to stellar health.

Francis has been a guest on thousands of local and national radio and television shows and an invited speaker at hundreds of events around the world. His company, Beyond Health International, is located in Fort Lauderdale.  He is the author of the bestsellers, ‘Never Be Sick Again’ and ‘Never Be Fat Again’ and recently published his third book, ‘Never Fear Cancer Again’.

Francis will be a contributing health writer to Tamarac Talk in hopes that he may help others here in our area.

Have a health questions?  Write Raymond Francis at:  Raymond Francis

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