Tamarac’s Latest Crime and Arrests Through May 10


By Isaac Ray

Through our joint effort with the Broward Sheriff’s Office to share updates to residents, this is a summary of Tamarac crime and arrests through May 10, 2021.


Treehouse Ln – Arbor Keys

OnMay 9, the subject hit the victim numerous times with the bedroom door and then pushed her on the bed. 

Burglary Conveyance

W Commercial Blvd

On May 6, a call initially came in as a disturbance call but evolved into a burglary conveyance after the victim and the defendant had a dispute which led to the suspect entering the victim’s vehicle and stealing items from within. 

Southampton Ter

On May 7, a stolen vehicle decal and registration were stolen. Tot. Est. Loss: $2.

Plymouth Pl

On May 7, the victim reported the towing company damaged his vehicle after it was towed.

State Road 7

On May 6, the victim’s vehicle was burglarized, and a 9mm Taurus PT92 was stolen from under the front passenger side seat. Tot.Est.Loss: $450. 

Criminal Mischief

NW 48th St

On May 4, the offender punched a school bus door window during an argument with the bus operator. 

Drugs/Narcotic Offenses

4419 Treehouse Ln

On May 5, search incident to arrest, Suspect was in possession of a white round pill, identified as Oxycodone, as well as 14 gm of suspect cannabis. 


N University Dr,

On May 7, an unknown person(s) called the victim at her job and told her to deposit money into a Bitcoin machine to pay a fraudulent bill.


6900 N University Dr – CVS

On May 6, a light pole fell into the roadway in the rear of CVS, located in the University Commons Plaza. 

Elderly Assistance

Southampton Ter

On May 5, there were allegations of self-neglect. 

7600 NW 57th St

On May 5, a male fell asleep in the McDonald’s drive-thru. He admitted to taking medication for a back injury, said he was exhausted from working two jobs, and his license was suspended. He didn’t crash and was not driving when BSO arrived. He was very cooperative.  BSO had Tamarac Fire Rescue check him, and he did not go with them. BSO let him get his valuables, then call someone to pick him up, and they towed his vehicle from the drive-thru. He got a ride and left the area. It should be noted that BSO was advised when Westway Towing was towing the vehicle, another vehicle crashed into the vehicle that was being towed. 

Missing Person

NW 76th Ct

On May 4, the caller’s 17-year-old daughter has left home at night in the past, but she has not come home. The caller saw her daughter go to bed at 11:00 p.m. and then woke up at 3:00 a.m. to find her missing. She is not endangered. She was entered as missing and a case card issued. 

7425 N University Dr

Between May 1 and May 5, a missing person was located at Pavilion after being Baker Acted and was taken out of the system. 


S Nob Hill Cir

On May 9, the reporter called to report his cell phone missing. He believed that a female that had been at the apartment earlier took it. Tot.Est.Loss: $125. 

NW 96th Ter

On May 6,  An unknown was seen stealing rims and tires from a White Lexus GS350 FL. Tot.Est.Loss: $3,000. 

NW 61st St

On May 7, a delayed theft report of a dealer tag and decal was reported.

Suspicious Incident

NW 98th Ter

On May 8, the reporting person said the victim lived in the home, but he died over a year ago, and the home has been vacant ever since. She said that she and her brother check on it every once in a while, and he found the front screen removed and the sliding glass door opened. She said her brother checked the home, and no one was inside, and nothing was taken. 

N Pine Island Rd – Tamarac BSO

On May 8, (sister#1) and are having a disagreement over the care for their elderly mother has the power of Attorney over (mother) due to declining health placed her into a home and (sister#2) is upset and wants to see mom. 


Johnson, Charles Jaqauvius (B M, 21) was arrested on possession of Oxycodone at 4419 Treehouse Ln, Tamarac, on 05/05/2021. 

Washington, Antonio Lamorris (B M, 22) was arrested on charges of Warrant at 7425 N University Dr, Tamarac, on 05/05/2021. 

An unnamed (W M, 62) was Arrest on Dui Alcohol Or Drugs 1st Offense (M) charges at 6100 Rock Island Rd, Tamarac, on 05/06/2021. 

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