Broward County Teacher Tragically Loses Life during Childbirth

Suzanne  Mazzola with her children

Suzanne Mazzola with her children – Photo by Ana Williams Photography

By: Sharon Aron Baron

A special needs teacher lost her life while giving birth to her fourth child on Monday.

Suzanne Mazzola, 34, an ESE who worked with children with autism at Park Trails Elementary School passed away during surgery while giving birth to son Owen Gabriel, who was born healthy.

Suzanne and her husband Joe of nine years are from Tamarac and leave behind four children: Matteo 7, Ella 5, Luca 2 and newborn baby boy, Owen.

According to a fundraising website created in her honor by her aunt Janet Free, Suzanne was diagnosed with a condition called Placenta Percreta that occurs when the placenta penetrates through the entire uterine wall and attaches to another organ such as the bladder. The primary concern for Suzanne following child birth was hemorrhaging while a team of 15 doctors attempted to detach the placenta. It said that Suzanne was given the option to take the baby very early in the pregnancy, “but being the wonderful strong woman and mother that she was and understanding the personal risk, she chose to wait until 35 weeks when the baby would be strong enough to survive,”  wrote Free. Owen was born at 6 pounds 2oz.

Suzanne’s love for children led her to become a special needs teacher for the Broward County Public School system. Her husband Joe helps run the family business Mazzola’s Italian Restaurant.  Suzanne is also survived by her parents Ernest and Cynthia Roberts, Siblings; Kristine (Sergio) Rodriguez, Michael (Nancy) Roberts, Brian (Amy) Roberts, Elizabeth Roberts, Joshua Roberts, Eric Roberts, Sarah Roberts, Eddie Roberts, Jennifer Roberts, Erik Roberts and Jovanni Roberts, mother and father in law; Giuseppe and Margaret Mazzola, brother and sister in law; Marianne Mazzola and Anthony Mazzola; 19 nieces and nephews and many other loving family and friends. 


Fred Hunter Funeral Home – Taft Street

February 6, 2015, 5:00 PM – 9:00 PM


Coral Springs Community Church
February 7, 2015, 11:00 AM

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  • SG RN

    This is simply a TRAGIC story… She was very lucky to be diagnosed with this complication prenatally… As an L&D RN, most of these very rare cases are diagnosed at delivery when the placenta does not detach, resulting in unexpected postpartum hemorrhage, leading to death….. I pray for her family and 4 beautiful children, but can’t help wonder: what went wrong?! A planned cesarean with available blood for transfusion and an immediate hysterectomy after delivery of the baby should have prevented her death….

  • Joe Morguess

    Doesn’t seem fair, a special ed teacher who devoted her days to helping special needs kids lead a fuller educational and emotional life, and gave her life so her newborn can be a healthier infant—to be taken so young. It’s good to see there is a large , probably solidly connected family to provide emotional support to her children, husband, and each other. Condolences.

    • close family friend

      It is true, Joe, that there is a “solidly connected family” of believers, whose emotional support with God’s help will support her husband, children and families involved on both sides. I know personally, her parents helped raise my son in his young years while I worked as a single Mom. Suzanne was a sweet, caring, selfless woman, mother, and wife who loved working with autistic children. RIP Suzanne, you are now a guardian angel for your family.

  • musicaldoula

    This is so sad! It really highlights the importance of decreasing the rate of primary Cesarean Section while increasing the rate/access to Vaginal Birth After Cesarean Section (VBAC). The formerly rare placental acretas are on the rise due to increased repeat Cesarean Sections : (

  • Kimi

    I am so angry at those doctors right now. If they had diagnosed her with the worst possible form of placenta accreta so early on, and knew her placenta had attached itself to her bladder, why in the world did they try to detach the placenta??? I had a possible placenta accreta with my second pregnancy, and my doctor was planning for a hysterectomy following my C-section, if in fact, he found an accreta during the surgery. There never would have been an attempt to detach the placenta at all, due to the fact that massive blood loss happens then. What were they thinking!?!? What a senseless and needless thing to happen. Livid pissed right now.

  • Christelle

    Im also a L&D nurse. Wondering why they didnt perform a hysterectomy 🙁 So sorry for this family’s loss.

  • Renee

    From the perspective of an OBGYN although we may know the diagnosis before hand it may have been attached to the bladder and/or bowel which complicates the hysterectomy, which makes it take longer…and bleeding is the problem…so tragic I pray for her family and may her family find peace in the future.

  • parent at her school

    How does a happy moment of life coming into the world turn to a tragedy. Everyone needs to let go of what did the Drs do wrong. This mother had a complicated pregnancy and knew the situation and unfortunately her life was taken.. Now we need to pray for her husband, and four children and hope they can move forward. I am sickened that people want to blame. She was a beautiful, loving mom and teacher. Our school has been emotionally touched by this. Keep praying something good will come. A baby has been born and a mother gave her life to create that. What a beautiful thought.

  • Teacher

    So sorry for this tragic loss to the family. Elephant in the room… if she knew she had this, and already had three children, why did she decide to have another?

    • Jennifer

      I think it only happens after you get pregnant

  • Nessa

    This is so so sad. Prayers for her family and children during this awful time. Please God bless this family and help guide these children through life without their mother