Facebook Hacker Humiliates One Local Resident



By: Sharon Aron Baron

Keep your Facebook password under wraps because enemies may be lurking out there waiting to humiliate you in front of hundreds of your friends.  One local Facebook user is making sure his password was changed after all of his friends started receiving suspicious status updates about him.

I won’t reveal his identity, but it seems as though someone gained access of his password through his computer or cellphone.  Although the updates are from a mobile device, it hasn’t been determined how they were able to hack the victim’s account as he never mentions leaving his cellphone with the culprit.

Funny-Facebook-TT_edited-2Unfortunately, this Facebook friend has more than just a hacker to deal with, he has a real bully out there.  He followed up with this:

“I don’t know why they thought I wouldn’t find out, I’m smarter than most. It took less than a day to flush you out and handle you. Y’all luccy this ain’t the 90’s I would have sent them to hell for this. I have shown mercy to several people who didn’t deserve it. That ends as of today. The penalty for fuccin’ with Me and mine will be severe! Have a pleasant afternoon.”

Who knows how the hacker obtained access to the victim’s account.  There are various hacks you can buy online, but the easiest way is directly through Facebook itself.  If you have enough information about someone, you can quite possibly reset their password and hack their account.


Keep your Facebook page safe and check out this comprehensive list of security steps to take  9 Ways to Keep Hackers Off Your Facebook Account.  

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  • Mason

    Idiot. You never let anyone have access to your account and always lock your phone. Common sense

  • David

    Origin of the posts on Facebook GPS? What an idiot.Facebook doesn’t have that. Unless he can just figure out who it is by the city. That’s about it.

    • Lucky225

      Actually, they do have it, when you have location turned on in messenger on your cellphone(which is ON BY DEFAULT) it sends gps co-ordinates to the person you’re IMing, you can click it and get a bing map with approximate address.

    • Matthew Gribben

      No facebook can show message locations down to very fine detail and will display you the gps cords. potentially even pin pointing the house, at the very least the street

  • phillipmarlowe

    LOL funny stuff id like to hear how he got back at this guy though.

  • Arawra