2 Men Arrested for Armed Carjacking in Tamarac

Crime update Tamarac

By Sharon Aron Baron

Through our joint effort with the Broward Sheriff’s Office to share updates to residents, this is a summary of Tamarac crimes through September 28.

Armed Carjacking

5800 block of NW 64th Ave – Bermuda Club
On September 24, the victim had arrived at his apartment and upon exiting his vehicle, two unknown males, one Hispanic, one Black, approached the victim in front of his apartment. The victim claimed the Black male stabbed him in the right arm then followed up with an attack from a stun gun. The unknown males both then picked up the keys of a Dodge Charger that belong to the victim and fled southbound. Osho, Dominic Noah, 18, and Alexander, Anthony Sean, 18, were arrested on charges Robbery, Carjacking with a Firearm Or Weapon.

Aggravated Battery

7000 block of NW 64th St.
On September 22, the victim reported a delayed battery in May by a known subject at the residence. The victim sustained a fractured clavicle, concussion, and a herniated disk. A sworn statement was taken. Subject away at college.

2600 block of NW 54th St
On September 24, an offender attacked victims with a chain leash and brick. The offender was arrested and transported to the BSO Juvenile Assessment Center.

Auto Theft

6500 block of NW 70th Ave – Tamarac Pointe Apts.
On September 25, a motorcycle was stolen out of the apartments. Unknown suspects.

David Mohabir

5100 block of Island Club Dr – Island Club
On September 25, the owner reported unknown suspect (s) took her 2019 Nissan Altima.

7800 block of W McNab Rd – Concord Apartments
On September 28, an unknown suspect(s) stole a 2020 white Honda Accord from the apartment complex parking lot between 8:00 p.m and 4:40 a.m. The vehicle owner was out of the country, so his sister signed the Auto Theft Affidavit. Unable to access surveillance.


7600 block of NW 74th Av
On September 20, a delayed domestic violence report. The offender was the ex-boyfriend who allegedly battered the victim during a party. The offender was charged and transported to the main jail.

8200 block of Prestige Commons Dr – Prestige Commons
On September 25, an injunction violation, the suspect arrived at the location, violating the injunction order, subsequently arrested.

5700 block of NW 48th Ter
On September 25, the victim reported a burglary conveyance to his 2013 Chevy Camaro. Inside the vehicle were a brown canvas Coach wallet, three debit bank cards, an Apple iPhone 6, vehicle registration, and a folder with miscellaneous bank account documents. Area canvassed for camera surveillance. No witnesses.

4200 block of Lakeside Dr
On September 28, BSO met with the victim who advised that he was walking towards his home from the Lakeside Plaza when a subject known to him only as (deleted name) came up from behind and pushed him, causing him to fall and then punched him while he was on the ground.

Burglary Residence

2600 block of NW 54th St
On September 23, while out, the victim’s home was burglarized by a known suspect. Due to a lack of information on the suspect from the victim, an out-of-custody was not issued. The victim stated the suspect attempted to steal food and clothes from her residence.

3800 block of W Commercial Blvd – Extended Stay
On September 25, BSO met the victim who informed them the suspect was attempting to enter her white Dodge Journey. The suspect did not make entry because he was stopped in the process by the victim. The suspect was placed under arrest for burglary and transported to BSO Main Jail.

Burglary Residence

7000 block of Marlberry Ln – Lake Colony
On September 22, the victim was home when a suspect attempted to enter the home.

2600 block of NW 54th St – Tamarac Lakes
On September 24, an unlocked residence was burglarized. Property reported stolen included a flat-screen TV and a laptop computer. Unknown point of entry. Attempted to collect latent prints with negative results. No surveillance was available.


7800 N University Dr
On September 22, BSO responded to a Signal 67 seizure call, and the deputies were exposed to COVID-19 by a sick person and their spouse, who advised they both tested positive. Sergeant and the State Emergency Operations Center notified.


5710 block of Nw 66th Ter – Mainlands
On September 22, a welfare check on a female who did not show up for work led BSO to her laying semiconscious next to her bed. The female was transported to the hospital by Tamarac Fire Rescue.

5800 block of Hampton Hills Blvd – Hampton Hills
On September 23, a man sold designer merchandise on OfferUp when the buyer informed him that it was stolen and belonged to him. The designer merchandise was returned without incident.

4110 block of Lakeside Dr – Lakeside Apartments
On September 24, an unknown male was reportedly sleeping in the complex’s laundry room.

7300 block of NW 58th St
On September 24, a welfare check on a Tamarac resident about piled up trash outside the home.

7700 block of Yardley Dr
On July 26, reported on September 27, a resident reported that a male prostitute left with his vehicle after performing services while the resident was intoxicated. The vehicle was left in North Lauderdale. The vehicle was towed for safekeeping after it was abandoned.

Shooting/Unlawful Discharge

7201 N University Dr – University Hospital
On September 26, The hospital reports that an employee accidentally discharged a firearm at an unknown time between the dates of 09/25 and 09/26 while showing it to another employee. The discharged round struck a filing cabinet inside of the private office that the employees were in. No injuries were reported, and the only damage observed was to the filing cabinet drawer. At this time, it is unknown as to which employee-owned the gun. The employee was suspended pending an internal investigation. The second employee, who was not at work when the incident was reported, has also been suspended.


5700 block of Rock Island Rd – Sun Vista Apartments
On September 22, an unknown suspect pried open two community mailboxes to steal mail from multiple residents.


3915 W Commercial Blvd – CVS
On September 24, a store manager reported that an unknown male stole baby products for a loss of $284.40.

3116 W Commercial Blvd – Winn Dixie
On September 24, three unknown male suspects entered the store and placed items inside their pants. The suspects left the store, passing all points of sale without paying for the items.

6401 W Commercial Blvd – Walgreens
On September 28, an unknown male wearing a red hat, black shirt, light-colored shorts, red shoes entered the store, selecting various items from the auto section, and placing them in a shopping basket. The unknown male exited the store with the basket and items passing all points of sale. The total amount was$261.34.


Raffone, Vincent Gerald (W M, 27) was arrested on charges of Touch Or Strike/battery/Domestic Viol at 7649 Nw 74th Av, Tamarac, on 09/22/2020.

David Mohabir

Mckenzie, Cordero Sanjae (B M, 29) was arrested on charges Viol Injunction Protection Domestic Violence at 7018 Nw 107th Av, Tamarac, on 09/23/2020.

Removed Name (B M, 22) was arrested on charges Agg Batt Offender Knew Or Should Victim Preg Dv at 5612 Rock Island Rd, Tamarac, on 09/23/2020.

Senat, Brittnie Shonee (B F, 29) was arrested on charges Agg Battery W/deadly Weap Domestic Viol at 8439 Nw 61st St, Tamarac 09/24/2020.

Osho, Dominic Noah (W M, 18) was arrested on Robbery-carjacking charges with Firearm Or Weapon at 5800 Nw 64th Av, Tamarac, on 09/25/2020.

Alexander, Anthony Sean (B M, 18) was arrested on charges of Robbery-carjacking With Firearm Or Weapon at 5800 Nw 64th Av, Tamarac, on 09/25/2020.

Bradshaw, Marcus Antwan (B M, 29) was arrested on charges of Burgl-conveyance Unoccupied/unarmed at 3873 W Commercial Blvd, Tamarac 09/25/2020.

Ochoa Morales, Edin Alexander (W M, 36) was arrested on charges of Battery-commit Domestic Battery By Strangulation at 5095 Island Club Dr, Tamarac, on 09/25/2020.

Cabral, Leonard John (W M, 47) was arrested on charges of Battery-cause Bodily Harm- Dating
Violence at 8214 Prestige Commons Dr, Tamarac, on 09/25/2020.

Malik, Gayatri Varuna (O F, 36) was arrested on charges of Agg Assault W/ Deadly Weapon- Domestic Viol at 9523 Nw 82nd St, Tamarac 09/28/2020.

Roland, James A. (W M, 33) was arrested on charges Warrant/DUI Manslaughter & Leave Scene No Bond at 8602 Nw 57th Ct, Tamarac 09/28/2020.

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