Comcast Show Will Give You Double Vision

Comcast Show Will Give You Double Vision 1

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The first time I saw “Seeking Solutions with Suzanne” I thought that I needed to get my vision checked.  The show, broadcast throughout the day on HLN is so blurry, I found myself squinting just to focus after watching Hi-Def TV.

The real solution Suzanne should be seeking is getting those cameras fixed.

I don’t know whose idea it was to cover the camera lens with petroleum jelly, because it’s not fooling anyone that may be confused about Suzanne’s real age.

I can see the show’s appeal to seniors with its age-appropriate topics, but for someone like me who doesn’t have their AARP card, the episodes are not only boring, they interfere with my fixation with HLN.

“Seeking Solutions with Suzanne”  also has a problem with preempting anything newsworthy.  It doesn’t matter if the Casey Anthony verdict is going to be read, or George Zimmerman is going to speak, because repeats of this show take precedence over current events.

So how did Suzanne Roberts get this cushy talk show?  Two reasons: Her husband Ralph Roberts founded Comcast, and her son Brian is Comcast’s Chief Executive.  Roberts is also a former actress, playwright, and director who has a theater named after her in Philadelphia.

I give Roberts credit, at around 91 years old, her mind still seems very sharp.

Now why can’t they do the same with the focus on those cameras?

Comcast Show Will Give You Double Vision 2









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