COP Car Hit While Parked in Volunteer’s Driveway


By: Sharon Aron Baron

A Citizen Observer Patrol or COP car was involved in a hit and run while parked in the driveway of the Unit Captain’s home on Wednesday.

According to Woodlands Country Club resident Barry Kanarek, his wife Michele heard a very loud bang between 2 and 4 pm while he was out that afternoon. She thought it was sounds from the usual afternoon thunder. About a half an hour later, their exterminator came to the door and told her the entire front fender and bumper of the COP car had been knocked off and was lying on the street.

Kanarak got home and immediately called BSO Deputy Brad Miller who oversees the COP program in Tamarac. He told Kanarak to call 911 and report the incident since it was a hit and run on a BSO unit. Within minutes, the Woodlands on-site Roving Patrol deputy arrived who summoned his supervisor and the Community Service Aide to take the report and pictures.

“It is obvious from the tire tracks someone veered into my front lawn and hedges, hit the car, and from the length of tire tracks sped away very quickly. I am guessing someone was texting while driving and never saw what happened until he hit the car and then took off realizing it was a BSO unit,” said Kanarak.

The car was towed away to fleet services after the investigation.

“The shame is I just picked it up yesterday after they put in a new ignition. It was running beautifully.”

If you know what happened to BSO COP car please contact

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