Election 2016: Outside the Polls at the Tamarac Library


By Joe Morguess

An update from the polls this week on some of the shenanigans volunteers and candidates are pulling to try to win some votes.  

On Tuesday, two different people from the Kings Point Democratic club, one wearing an official Democratic club t-shirt, were handing out Democratic party materials while introducing voters about to enter the voting area to city commission candidate Julie Fishman who is running for District 3. 

The Democratic Party worker was giving out Fishman’s material and the woman was clearly introducing voters to Fishman telling me to “clear the path” because I was giving out candidate Gerald Heller’s material after Fishman gave out hers. Heller is also a member of the Kings Point Democratic Club, as is this writer. 

David Mohabir

The man wearing the Kings Point Democratic Club shirt was Shelly Rosenberg. He said he was a paid poll worker and therefore he can shift people around. He lied. When I asked him again, he said he will be a paid worker on Election Day. He was just an unaware bully, exerting power to protect Fishman. I reported him to the Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes office, for impersonating a paid poll worker and for promoting Fishman from his position as a Democratic worker, a violation of the standards of the Tamarac city commissioner nonpartisan election. 

That afternoon, Fran Klauber from the same Kings Point Democratic Party was legitimately handing out Democratic party election materials, but was likewise trying to commandeer the path and insensitively position Heller’s worker where campaigners hand out materials in order to stifle Fishman’s competition from candidate Heller’s worker. 

With each voter information handout, she was also introducing Fishman and promoting her to incoming voters, flagrantly, from her position as a Democratic Party volunteer. Similarly, this was a also a violation of the spirit of the nonpartisan District 3 city commission race. I told this to an official paid poll worker in the area, named Marilyn, and she agreed explaining this to Klauber, who seemed unaware of the rules, and ceased her actions from that point forward.

Candidate Heller himself, a non confrontative intelligent gentleman, has positioned himself daily physically far from Klauber in the campaigning area at the Tamarac Library polls. He reports that he has felt intimidated by her caustic actions toward him during the first week of early voting and considers her extremely abrasive. 

All of the above are members of the Kings Point Democratic club. All are Kings Point residents, except Fishman.

It’s four more days of early voting. Let’s hope campaigners keep it clean. 

From: Sharon Aron Baron

Candidate Marlon Bolton

Candidate Marlon Bolton

Other shenanigans at the polls occurred on Wednesday night when witnesses said that Tamarac City Commissioner Pamela Bushnell, who is in a race against Marlon Bolton, handed one of Bolton’s volunteers candies – and a banana.  

“A banana?” the volunteer asked.

“That is what monkeys eat!” she said and walked away.

The volunteer tossed the banana, however, Bolton then returned the remaining candies and what was left of the banana to her in the presence of other candidates and volunteers.  This comment was considered both racist and insensitive.

More updates soon. 

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