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By Sharon Aron Baron

Good news for residents of Miramar:  The city recently signed a new service contract with Waste Pro, saving each resident $8.00 a month or almost $100 a year.

They will no longer use All Service Refuse Solid Waste & Recycling, which is the company that the City of Tamarac uses. Miramar was able to save their city money by agreeing to have Waste Pro handle residential and commercial garbage for the entire city.  As part of their new service, every resident received a new garbage can.  These 96-gallon cans have attached lids and wheels for rolling to and from the curb.

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Newer containers can be picked up automatically.

When I lived in Davie, our town switched to Waste Management’s automated system, where they provided the same type of garbage cans.  Gone were the lost lids and broken wheels on our Home Depot cans.  These new garbage cans could hold twice as much trash and made every home on our street look uniform on trash day.  Waste Management also provided automated trucks that would grab the cans, lift them and dump them into the truck.  No more walking by smelly garbage in the mornings, and the secure lids kept birds and critters out of the cans as well.

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Typical trash day in The Woodlands

In Tamarac, many of my neighbors have been using the same trash cans for years.  Many cans don’t have their lids anymore, and some people don’t even have cans, leaving their garbage out in plastic bags.

On trash day, it’s not a very pretty sight with all the mismatched cans and bags lining the streets.  This is why this service offered by Waste Pro and Waste Management seems very attractive.   I know if Tamarac switched over to this automated system, there will be many neighbors complaining about the size of the can.  I

can tell you that they are straightforward to maneuver as my children roll them out to the curb with no problem.  I hope that when our current contract with All Service Refuse ends, the city will consider negotiating with a company that not only will save us money it can make our neighborhood look a little better on garbage day.

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