Register Online with Parks & Recreation

Register Online with Parks & Recreation 2

The pool at Caporella Aquatic Center in Tamarac

By Sharon Aron Baron

Do you like the classes that the City of Tamarac offers? Our family does.

The Parks and Recreation Department has a good selection and fantastic prices. One of the biggest deterrents I find in signing up is registering. I have to go to the Aquatic Center, the Tamarac Recreation Center, or the Community Center during business hours to do this. I’ve been known to see a great class and never signed up because I was too lazy to register.

This has now changed, as Parks and Recreation informed me that they offer online registration.

The bad news is not all classes are available online.   Camp, exercise classes, and special events still require a trip to register. For instance, I wanted to register for the swim class and the Mother’s Day Dance. The dance was not available for online registration. Hopefully, they will get these activities added shortly.

A few classes are available for online registration:  Adult trips, karate, tennis, sports, swimming, and weight loss. Just go to this link: It will ask you to create an account. If you have already taken a class before, it may not let you complete it because your name is already in the database. Just contact Parks and Recreation for your login at You can change the login and password to the one you use each time.

Online registration allows you to pay with a Visa or MasterCard.   It was swift and easy once I received my login information.

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